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  1. Am I the only one who's always extremely excited about his comments after he listed all the sponsors at the end? It's like a Marvel movie and its after credits scenes 😂😂😂😂

  2. I will assume this market has matured when I'm not hearing patrons like "Shoop Shoop Diddy Wopp Hummer Hummer Wang Dang"

    Don't get me wrong though, this is by far my favourite name that he reads out. 😂

  3. That is why I am a firm believer that we have to accumulate as much crypto as we can now while the prices are low so that in the future we can become our own banks and custody our own money. I feel like hardware wallets mixed with decentralized finance will enable people and communities to become their own banks and financial systems in the future.

  4. (Thank you TMI for honest reporting)
    Equip: 1 bottle o' booze [(please be careful)].
                1 shot glass per person.
                1 beer per person.
    Take 1 shot   – "Hello Everybody"
    Take A sip     – "Welcome Back"
    Take A sip     – "To Start Things Off"
    Take A sip     – "Let's Move On" 
    Take A sip     – "Next Up"
    Take A sip     – "Blah Blah Blah"
    Take A sip     – "So and so"
    Take A sip     – "Yadda Yadda Yadda"
    Take A sip     – "Keeping in Mind"
    Take A sip     – "W/out Further Ado"
    Take 3 shots – "W/out Further Ado Doo"
    Take A sip     – "What have you"
    Take 1 shot   – "Whatever the Case Might Be"
    Take 1 shot   – "And I Do Quote"
    Take A sip     – "I Would  Be Shocked If…"
    Take 1 shot   – "I Was  Listening to a Podcast"
    Take 1 shot   – "I Have A Friend" (who is or isn't listening "probably").
    Take 1 shot.  –  "I'm not holding my breath"
    Take 1 shot   – "My Gosh" 
    Take 1 shot   – "My Goodness"
    Take 1 shot   – "I'm Fairly Certain"
    Take 1 shot   – "I'm Not Even Joking"
    Take 1 shot   – "It Drives Me Insane"
    Take 1 shot   – "That's Kind of Cool"
    Take 1 shot   – "That's Really Weird" (or variations thereof).
    Take 1 shot   – "The Point Being" 
    Take 1 shot   – "This is Awesome"
    Take 1 shot   – "For Those Who Haven't Been Paying Attention"
    Take 1 shot   – "For Those Who Are New to the Space"
    Take 1 shot   – "For Those Not Looking at The Screen"
    Take 1 shot.  – "You Kind Of Get What I'm Saying"
    Take 1 shot   – "You Know How I Feel About This"
    Take 0 shots  – "I DON'T MEAN THAT AS A JOKE EITHER" (Stay honest TMI) 🤨
    Take 1 shot   –  "I find it fascinating"
    Take 1 shot   –  "I Mean, To Be Fair" 
    Take 1 shot   – "If You Can See Where This is
    Take 1 shot   – "If You Kind of Want to Say It That Way"
    Take 1 shot   – "One Would Assume"
    Take 3 shots – "The Geminis"
    Take 2 shots – "Everyone's Losing Thier Minds"
    Take 2 shots –  A "Stutter-Repeat" of a word.
    Take 2 shots –  Speaks too fast ; replaces words w/ curse words.
    Take A Sip     – "To Kind of Finish Things Off"
    Take A Sip     –  "A Special Thanks To My Patreons"
    Take A Sip     – "As Always"
    Take 1 shot   – "Ssssee You"😄👍

    [Thanks community for your input.]

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  6. Not sure what other people think but i wouldnt bust your balls with live stuff. I rarely get to see stuff live and will catchup. Must be more involved for you too as youd wanna be mega prepped as not reliant on editing. Keep up the good work

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