Im Growing My Cardano (ADA) Investment – Here Is How (NOT STAKING)

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Cardano ADA

I’m Growing My Cardano (ADA) Investment by buying and selling on the upper timeframes. Selling excessive when it’s going right into a bearish pattern and rebuying again with the cash I offered for on the tops to build up my cash.

The purpose of the sport is to start out off with say 1000,10,000 ADA or no matter and to develop that with out placing any more cash into it from your individual pocket!

I’ll preserve you within the loop on how I do with all of it in comply with up movies.

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Hey, Im Ash, also called Crypto Mobster. And Im from England (Not Ireland)

My channel is up to date 2-Three instances per week. I add instructional movies on cryptocurrency, investing and buying and selling. Ive been within the house since 2019 hoping that can assist you obtain success in understanding cryptocurrencies and different investments.


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I’m Growing My Cardano (ADA) Investment – Here Is How (NOT STAKING)

Im Growing My Cardano (ADA) Investment - Here Is How (NOT STAKING)

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  1. Bro what you are telling people to do they are going to lose their ass off!!! That shit is designed for you to lose it’s definitely not designed for you to win and the type of people that you have watching your channel I damn sure not professional traders so bro why would you lead innocent people to something that they do not know any better of to something they’re gonna lose their ass off of instead of leading them somewhere that they can benefit instead of losing!? There’s so many damn people like you that’s doing that to people and that’s what is giving cryptocurrency a bad fucking name people just like you I watch one of your other videos I thought you was a straight up guy definitely not!!

  2. Getting into trading without fully understanding what you are doing (you can draw as many pretty lines and a chart and pretend that they actually mean something) and you will ultimately be a big loser. Only the very top 10% to 5% of professional traders actually make money but in doing so they typically have no health, no relationship and no life.

    DCA is the best way for anyone who has not got years of successful trading under their belt to steadily amass wealth. Just keep stacking those Sats and chill.

  3. Good video mate, I do this with mine but do sometimes fuck up, sold at 0.052 thinking it was going to retrace but it hasn't yet!😫

  4. Thank you for the Hitman, just checked it out on Trading View and it looks like a fantastic tool that I'll use alot – massive help!

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