I Started Staking Energi! – 100 NRG Earndrop – NRG Added to KuCoin – Energi Bureau of Investigations

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Whitepaper –

Infographic – For a fundamental overview of Energi

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  1. Thanks for the video Sir. can you tell me how we have to cancel staking and withdraw the coins? and if we face one or two minutes of disconnection everyday, still we can do the staking or not? and the last question, can we add coins for staking everyday? thanks a head …

  2. Your on my shiot list for not personally telling me about this sooner. I know u dont know me but I need to blame someone for sleeping on this one. Didn't know about it at all

  3. Chris I appreciate and respect all the information you provide but if a coin is paying you to shill please let your community know I only ask because I know energi has been looking for youtubers to talk about it. I am not saying that they paid you but it is always nice to know because when suddenly a coin is getting a lot of recognition there will be a spike in the price and not the best time to invest. Have a nice day I was on a live stream when energi paid hundreds of dollars in that stream just to get a small notice. A lot of us lost a shitload of money of coins that got shilled a couple years ago, kind of ugly to get drawn into a project that never fulfills their roadmap

  4. Hay Chris this seems like a great project and energi has been pumping since the news. I haven't looked into staking as I thought your computer needs to be always on doing whatever staking does. Is this correct? Does my computer always need to be on or is it more like a wallet that you can just visit?

  5. I will definitely check this out. When you get a chance, look up Richard Hearts: Bitcoin Hex. It's also a staking coin. It has 3.68% inflation and that inflation is given only to people who stake their coins. So really, the inflation is nullified by stakes. And locking up the coins takes them off the market and drives price up. Pretty genius.

  6. dude, forget vertcoin. Get viacoin and deeponion.
    Ok video.
    It's not good or great because you mentioned exactly ZERO reasons that this project will solve real-word problems.
    You covered ROI and intra-cryptocurrency solutions, but zero real-world (save energy efficiency).

  7. Disagree on energi dude looks too slick,nothing innovative near as i can tell,just the treasury approach is heftier thats all. Longterm survivabiltiy on the lowside but it`ll most likely be possible to profit trading it short to mid but something just feels off about it in my opinion

  8. Let me tell you why I select your channel as a priority selection. Your content is informative and in a predictable time frame. Quick and to the point. I can plan my day around your videos and feel satisfied I've learned something almost every time. I can't tell you enough how valuable your channel is to the crpto space. Thank you again

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