I Built a Crypto Mining Farm in My Garage | How To Setup a Mining Farm | Mining $80 a day

I arrange a Bitcoin cryptocurrency mining farm in my storage with GPU mining rigs and ASIC miners in addition to FPGA miners in my home. I clarify the way to setup your individual farm and the way a lot electrical is required for mining!

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If you’ve got been questioning if Bitcoin Ethereum cryptocurrency mining remains to be worthwhile in 2019, this video will reply that! All crypto mining will not be lifeless, regardless that some sorts like GPU mining are usually not as worthwhile as they beforehand had been with the appropriate market circumstances GPU mining might be very worthwhile and the easiest way to earn passive revenue from dwelling! In todays video you’ll learn the way this storage mining farm was setup, electrical was defined in-depth to mean you can create a not solely worthwhile mining farm, but in addition a secure mining farm. Hope it helps and that you just take pleasure in this mining farm tour overview information!

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00:00 Garage crypto mining farm tutorial intro
02:37 Free ETH Ethereum giveaway
03:39 Why I constructed a mining farm in my storage
04:35 How to setup electrical for a mining farm
06:47 Powerline ethernet for mining farm information
07:33 Ethernet switches for mining farms information
08:12 How to improve/set up electrical for mining farms
08:52 How a lot it value to improve my electrical for mining
09:38 How to make use of air situation in your mining farm
12:00 Misc. gadgets wanted for cryptocurrency mining farm
13:06 Crypto mining farm electrical utilization defined
13:28 What miners / cash mined in mining farm
18:20 Garage crypto mining farm profitability in 2019
19:07 My GPU ASIC FPGA mining farm profitability
19:28 Bitcoin Ethereum mining farm evaluate 2019

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  1. I have some older RX cards. They basically don't do that much when I try to run them. I can't say I am really planning to get anymore cards. I got in to mining at a poor time, right before the great crash, so I wound up paying a good deal for my cards, but I did not go too crazy so it is not a ton of money that i put in. Can't say I have really ever gotten anything out though.

  2. 🤔 So let's see, like $500 worth of equipment , plus $XXX for the electrician and probably a $1500 a month electric bill…but you making $80 a day? Yeeeah I don't think this is the best investment. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. Hey so you have knowledge about forex/binary are you interesting in investing in stock did you have issue in mining bitcoin I also have some issue on this month ago until I was introduced to a Russia 🇷🇺 hacker Alexander Bodgan who helped me on all my issue and also built credit card for my kids I really appreciate to know more about there services chat him up at Hackingjesusisreal @gmail ⏺com

  4. I really like the garage setup compared to the shed you had before, and the logo is sweet I have been trying to design a logo myself for my page, I’m glad you are still testing the profits of mining, I did hear tho that apparently if you moved to Siberia the electricity rates are way less and cooling is much cheaper so your profits will triple, would be worth it if you had a huge farm, lol the dream…. anyway Im gonna drop my btc address you can check it to see how broke ass I am haha just like everyone else is on here but keep up the good work man :)….


  5. I plan on investing on mining but heres what im having doubts if its viable this days.

    I plan on mining on nice hash if I got the necessary equipments GPUs but heres my question.

    1. Do they pay you by currency or btc/satoshis?

    2. If the crypto btc goes down is the profit lesser or growing? Like for example mining at 12k value vs 6k value of bitcoin?

    3. Is it better to hold and sold them later when the market recovers ryt? I have in mind if I earn profit @ 1 usd per day for 6k value, if the market went 12k later that 1usd will become 2usd ryt?

  6. You know people go to work from 9 to 5 in an office flipping some papers and talking crap making $250 a day…and that's just the median income. Hard to convince the majority to get into this thing. I will throw my 2 cents in and say this thing has no future…no way. It's not liked or accepted on a large scale. It's like a video game and who got more video cards runs faster. Who wants to do that? Yeah some people do, like yourself, but…common man.

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