I Am Not Selling: My Price Target: $100,000-$300,000. Here Is Why. [Bitcoin Market Analysis]

I Am Not Selling: My Price Target: $100,000-$300,000. Here Is Why.

Incoming: Bitcoin Price Heads Toward $9,000 As Storm Breaks! Plus Let’s Take A Look At A Price Prediction Video From 2016.

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Incoming: Bitcoin Price Heads Toward $9,000 As Storm Breaks

Bitcoin Price Prediction For 2016

Bitcoin Price Prediction Update

Crypto Analyst Says 95% Accurate Bitcoin Indicator Calls BTC at $1 Million – Plus Ripple and XRP, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin, Stellar, Monero

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Tweet: Next decade, 1 bitcoin and you will be thought-about rich.

Tweet: The final time Bitcoin broke $8,000

Trading App Robinhood Set to Raise at Least $200 Million: Report

Swiss Telecom Company Is Bringing Crypto Collectables to TV

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  1. Thanks for this big picture video.
    It’s great to have a reminder of where we are going in the next few years. It’ll be a bumpy ride but we’re going eventually to the moon!

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  3. I get the vibe a lot of people love dollars more than bitcoin. Lot of talk about selling. Talking about ' next 10 years '. You won't be selling, hopefully you will be transacting.
    If it hits 100,000 with a U.S. counter balance of fiat, hold that shit because it's going to make the legacy finance shit the bed. Idc if it crashes down to 20k after, i'll still be winning and happy as ever knowing the cartels got hit with a devestating blow.

    I was called crazy for getting greedy in march and telling friends at work the old 20k ath would be a joke.. Now they are looking at me in a less crazy light and asking questions. Buying at 3k, it was sad to see bitcoin there but i believed in B haha.

  4. 'And everyone gonna think 20k bitcoin is a great price to buy BTC' but then reality sets in, most people don't have saving or money to buy even 0.5 btc at that price because of mortgages or other expenses. And lack of education and seeying it as risky they will not buy.

    They had the chance to buy at 15k at 10k at 8k at 6k at 3k…but none believed in BTC they followed mainstream media. And refused to use brains..

    And that is what difference between us and them in the end…..they don't do research,they too lazy, they don't invest…then why should they be rewarded in the future for that mentality….

    just my opinion

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  6. $20,000 is only a little over 100% increase. Should be fairly easy by the end of the year.

    My strat: DCA until $15K.
    Sell 10% at $20K
    Sell 10% at $50K
    Sell 10% at $100K

    HODL the rest.

  7. Put on your cowboy hat and boots and lets ride this Bull!

    I used 40,000 Linden dollars to buy BTC back when it was at $0.50 a coin. Sold a bunch when it hit $160 USD and bought a ranch but held on to some just incase.

    Some day I may sell my remaining bitcoins but Im holding for now.

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