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    $402 FREE on our Trusted Exchanges!
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    🔶 Bybit: ($1'590 FREE)
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    ♦️ DueDEX: ($200 FREE)
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    DISCLAIMER (read it please): Leverage trading is ONLY for EXPERIENCED TRADERS. If you Trade with a BOT from 3Commas on Bybit it does NOT mean you have no risk. You can still lose money if the Bot suddenly gets unprofitable.


  2. What ever you predict goes the other way, so that is nice to know. You guys feed on the views, that is the basics for this channel. Grab the attention with a catchy title and rake-up the views to make money. You should focus on getting content.

  3. There's nothing new with the bitcoin price manipulation….dumping and liquidating millions of dollars in the process. If you want to be safe just trade and don't hodl. The bottom line in bitcoin has always been volatility. So perhaps rather than clutching to the idea of just hodling and waiting for the price to go up every time, why not start trading with a reliable strategy from a good crypto expert ??? I have been following the same approach by trading with Patrick Martino’s strategy and I've watched my portfolio increase exponentially since January. he's definitely one of the best crypto experts you can rely on and his signals are mostly 99% accurate, efficient and easy to execute in your daily trades. For those who need a better understanding of trading btc profitably, you can reach him directly on Telegram (@PatrickMartino) cheers.

  4. Going lower is what I see and the best thing to do now is to invest by trading what we hold before it deep. Whales could drown Bitcoin market in Hours.

  5. I still very much have faith in cryptocurrency mostly when it comes to the leading crypto asset bitcoin, which I so much believe that making a profit from bitcoin is as simple as finding what works and sticking to it for as long as it works irrespective of the current market trend which is so sideways right now. Although bitcoin is currently trading in a short term bearish pattern which most analysts believe is the last buy zone opportunity before the halving, well I don't go against holding when it comes to crypto I so much believe everyone should find a good strategy and signals to work with so as to accumulate and grow a very strong portfolio, I made my biggest gains from bitcoin same time last year and have been doing so because I met Morgan Norman who is able to keep his followers in profit even in the harshest of market conditions. Morgan is a pro trader and a signal provider and with his guidance and signals, I made 6.8btc growth in my portfolio having traded with my initial 0.9btc which you would agree is a very good profit. Well, I am not stopping now as this is another opportunity and Its only fair I encourage others to find a competent trader like Morgan and copy trades for maximum profitability ahead of Halving, he can be reached via Telgram @NORMANTRADE for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  6. The reason for the dump has nothing to do with that "whale alert", it's just a correction. Natural in any market. But it's fun to include a bit of drama in the show.

  7. The Satoshi wallet scandal was not the reason for the dump. It was a triple top among a ton of other bearish signs the market went where it was headed.

  8. We should all start crypto youtube making a video of bitcoin either going up or down. This channel is becoming comedy, and crypto daily is already comedy.

  9. Mm!‪>>The 50 btc move is @elonmusk aka Satoshi giving new baby a gift. The other 5 Musk kids received similar gifts on a single day on 9/20/2015‬

  10. MM crypto just made money off your rekkt, by using his referral link, u just gave him money off your loses, not just wins.

    This guy doesn’t know TA. He needs to legally disclose his commissions from the referral links and the functionalities of the commission structure (when you lose, he wins). Oh wait, he won’t do that because then u guys won’t use his referral link. I lost all respect for this greedy guy. “Today for the bitcoin price!” You will give him your money.

  11. One day extremely bullish – "so many buy signals everything is goin' up. We will show you EXACTLY were we are goin'!"
    Next day clear bearish signals, big dip is coming, next day up again, the day after there is a downtrend again … and so on and so on … wtf 🙈

  12. I don’t agree with your upward channel. If you take the candle bodies with the most touches we bounced right off of the bottom of that channel…..

  13. Thanks for keeping us informed. Some of us have no idea what going on. 🙂 We are satoshi! Give me liberty or give me satoshimacry

  14. Haha last time you told that Bitcoin going to the moon but i thing it will go to the hell instead. Gonna bye some btc when price is $10

  15. World is exogenous, unpredictable and chaotic. So when does TA actually work? Chartists and TA is more like religion

  16. Chris, your channel is one of the best, thanks for the update about the hash ribbons it is probably the most powerful signal in the market and you are making your intelligent subs alot of money with this info. Also, I would like to say that your fundamental videos showing on chain data and historical cycles are the best in the Tube – Personally I think you should do less TA videos and more of these fundamental videos with things like the hash ribbons, NVT, and other on-chain long term trend indicators. This is the only asset that the blockchain can tell you what its going to do if you know how to listen to it. TA, on the other hand is way less reliable and is really a suckers game imo.

  17. They can’t prove or disprove these coins are satoshis- they can’t say it’s not the Satoshi wallet. It likely is him or them. it is what it is.

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