How To Sell & Withdraw From Gemini Exchange

In this video tutorial, I present you find out how to promote and withdraw your crypto from Gemini Exchange

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How To Sell & Withdraw From Gemini Exchange

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  1. I am trying to withdraw from Gemini into my bank account, it asks to scan a destination address which is in Bit coin. I already linked my bank details. Previously I have been able to withdraw straight to my bank address but now it doesn’t give that option. How can I withdraw into my bank account again

  2. Where do you find that Gemini exchange,, I have Gemini, and I using to buy doge coins but I can't find that place your are talking about to sell?

  3. my account has been stuck in verifying identity since last Thursday … any help? I'm afraid I got scammed

  4. Has gemini always been slow at everything?
    Slow verification: 3 days to months. Other exchange verifies you in 1-30 minutes.
    Slow transfers/withdraws: days to weeks.

    What the hell

  5. Hello, can we convert BTC to DOGE on Gemini without selling the BTC position and repurchaing DOGE, like where you can just pair them to convert, on Karaken?

  6. Helpful video. However I keep having an issue when trying to withdraw GBP. It says I need to add a bank to withdraw GBP. Despite already having a debit card linked to my account to purchase the BTC in the first place.. and every time I attempt to add an account it just takes me back to the first screen saying add a bank account? Any ideas?

  7. So, let's say I'm holding a coin in my Trust Wallet that isn't listed on Gimini. In other words, you couldn't buy it on Gimini. If I want to sell that coin, can I sell it on Gimini? Or do I need to convert it to something I can sell on Gimini before trying to transfer it to Gimini? I'm asking because I'm wondering how to cash out on Safemoon using Gimini.

  8. thanks for the info but you should have mentioned that there is a maker fee associated with a limit order when using active trader….which is substantially higher than if i had opted not to go that route…had to learn the hard way.

  9. I've been trying for months to get my money out.. I have open 2 bank accounts and Gemini has deposited my wire I sent them AND I STILL CAN'T RECEIVE MY MONEY.. 2 MONTHS AND STILL NO HELP FROM GEMINI. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO GET YOUR FUNDS UNLESS YOU SUE THEM!!!

  10. In order to withdraw any crypto from your gemino app you first have to sell that crypto within gemeni for usd. After tge sale withdraw usd

  11. I have a weird issue, when I click on withdraw GBP from Gemini it says I need to add a bank account. But my bank account is already linked, the gemini app and website actually shows that it is linked and verified. In the same section it's telling me how to add a funding source it shows my bank account there as a linked account, but doesn't seem to acknowledge it because it says I need to add an account to withdraw?!?!?!?!?!

  12. Why am I having difficulty cashing out? It’s impossible to get my OWN back? Going round in circles trying to withdraw cash to no avail? What is the solution?

  13. I gave this a thumbs down because of Gemini not the video. I recently joined Gemini and two things number one in my opinion they have customer service that has ruined my entire day and I don’t expect it to get any better. Secondly I can’t figure out how to get my money out of Gemini. It’s complicated for a newbie and it feels like there is absolutely no one to help. It’s like my money is lost in the black hole. The other day I spoke to an Indian male he was speaking so quickly I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. I politely let him know that and he hung up on me. Their emails and their forms etc. are 100% not helpful in my opinion. It’s winter time it’s cold burn your money so you can have some heat before you send it to Gemini.

  14. Thanks. Is there a way to just swap ether for another currency at the current rate, without going through the selling process?

  15. so my question is I'm on Gemini and my exit strategy for Bitcoin do I have to sell it to get it or can I just go to withdraw cuz I see you there's a withdrawal option? and my question is what is the difference between withdrawing and selling? On Gemini specifically. Thank you great work

  16. My account has been verified, etc. I've connected my bank, but when I try to add funds, it says I need to contact the bank to add a FPO/Wire/CHAPS. Do I now need to physically go into my bank and discuss this with them?
    I can't see any way to get around it, nor to do it on my banking app.
    Greetings from freezing Scotland 🙂

  17. Can you sell your crypto or altcoin and keep it in Gemini platform and use the money to buy again?

  18. GUYS DO NOT USE GEMINI PEOPLE LOSING MY WITH THEM Chcek out GEMINI IG and Scrolls comment for confirmation

  19. Do not use Gemini!!!! They let you add money no problem but to get it back good luck. Easier to purchase a car. Beware!!! Probably won’t be long before the comments get turned off on this video as well.

    Update tried to use the pay with Gemini barcode this afternoon. Transaction declined!!!

  20. How long does a "wire verification pending" take to be completed? Iam from Canada. Shows a yellow yield sign with this statement. thanks, David

  21. hey, ive added a funding source and ive credited £100 into my account, but when i try to withdraw it says i need to add a funding source, please help me withdraw ive been struggling with this for 3 days now

  22. I have a Gemini account. I got given 15usd but it’s not allowing me to use it because I use Sterling to buy Bitcoin etc.

    Any idea how I can use that free 15 usd that they’ve given me?

  23. Hi, I am a newbie with crypto. Do you have a video on how to transfer your coins from Gemini to Trezor wallet?

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