How To SEARCH For GPU Mining Hardware? March 2021

Check this for GPUs occasionally:

Available Mining Motherboard?

CPU to associate with that Mobo:

1 to Four PCIe to USB Mining Adapter:

M.2 to PCIe Adapter:

Parallel Miner All In One 1200w ZSX Kit:

ChumpChangeXD Custom Mounting Video:

Newegg Shuffle:

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How I BOUGHT 30 Series Cards:

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Crypto Mining Software I APPROVE!

EasyMining.internet OS –

Kryptex –

CudoMiner –

HiveOS –

mmpos.EU –

Favorite GPU For Mining:

Best/Safest/Reliable Risers:

Best Motherboard for Mining IMO:

Recommended CPU Needed:

Safest RAM Needed 4-8GB:

Favorite PSU for Mining:

My Favorite Book – “The Bitcoin Standard”:

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*DISCLAIMER* When it involves GPU Mining, keep in mind Silicon Lottery! Results MAY differ from GPU to GPU so your Clocks/Undervolt/Voltage proven in my movies might not be just right for you due to GPU Brand/Memory/Manufacturing what have you ever. Temperatures and your Cooling strategies may even play the half and have an have an effect on. Test at your OWN RISK and do your OWN RESEARCH.

Disclaimer – I’m not an skilled. This isn’t monetary recommendation and do your personal analysis. Everything mentioned is from my standpoint and for leisure functions.

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How To SEARCH For GPU Mining Hardware? March 2021

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  1. Hey been watching you for weeks and beginning to buy almost everything your recommended.. I'm stuck on finding the power supply now but I'm not sure how to use the breakout board method … Any recommendations or links on what power supply I should get ? Or should I try the breakout board method

  2. 2 of my older rigs are intel based B250's. For my newer ones I went with cheap MSI and ASUS B450 Boards ($110) and 3700x CPU's (ouch). I figured I could mine on the CPU's while GPU mining at the same time to recoup some cash to pay for the higher CPU cost, and would have an easily resalable CPU/MB combo should crypto tank or I decide to get out of mining. Worst case is I'd have a lot of very capable hardware laying around that could be converted to gaming rigs for people.

  3. One way to find GPUs at a fair price is to find IT or enthusiasts who are selling gear who are not herd mentality grifters. There ARE s few people out there who have used gear they will sell for what would be a fair price as regards to what was paid for the card originally. I found one deal this way. People lacking integrity will follow the herd and the $$.

  4. Thanks dude, im new to mining in the UK, video really helped. I only currently have a RTX 2080 8gb however sitting comfortably at 35 MH/s, looking to build a rig for around £1000. I came straight here for your advice. Hope to hear from you Panda, cheers

  5. Good video, thanks for posting. Spells it out nicely. The 6 slot mobo is pure gold, can’t wait to fire it up

  6. 6:43 why not use athlon instead of R3? Coming from a gaming comunity and only been playing with gpu mining for a week or so. Its been an eye opener.

  7. why???? why would you not just do what I just did. Ebay – BTC-37 Mining Machine Motherboards – AN 8 GPU RISERLESS MOTHERBOARD for only £125 AND it has cpu built in!

  8. Well done red panda mining, from real world experience, you can often find mining hardware like the latest GPUs in odd places, even just your local small time computer shop tucked away.

  9. As for AMD isn’t true that cost too much. You can get Athlon 200ge, 220ge, 240ge, Athlon 3000g compatible with AM4 platform for around 50-60$. Dual core hyper threaded CPU’s. Great value option.


  11. If you where to go am4 you could by a athlon 200ge which is am4 and will work with x470/x570 mobos and is around $100 and you can get them cheaper on ebay.

  12. I went with a B450-A Pro Max ($136.78 CAD) for my motherboard and an Athlon 3000G processor ($74.99 CAD).

  13. Great video Red Panda. I am inspired a lot and went into Mining. I have a couple of rigs mining now and wanted to ask a question. I have 2 ASUS TUF RTX 3070s on a ASUS B450 Plus Gaming Mobo. I want to add a RTX 2060 Super to it, but can't seem to get it to recognize the 2060 Super. BIOS on the Mobo is fully updated and has 4G decoding enabled. Anywhere you could point me to so that I can get different cards to get detected on this MoBo correctly ?

  14. I've been trying to get my hands on an EVGA 1000 watt T2 power supply since last year! This is getting ridiculous!

  15. sad instead of saying i heard soo and soo sites have fullfill why dont you tell others the truth how you spent 2X msrp on cards?

  16. Thanks for this video sir, The kind of helpful hints and tips and pointing people to the correct websites in this video are Awesome for folks who don't know where to start!

    I am hoping that the cards I ordered from ShopBLT will come in soon… I have all the other gear ready to go!

  17. Wich on is best for mining? Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 EAGLE OC 8GB GDDR6 or Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 3070 Master 8GB GDDR6??? I ask it because there´s a diference of almost 400$ between them

  18. We missed out boys, pre order the next gen 4xxx series and mine conflux later i guess. See how EIP and price affects the miners in a few months.

  19. Did you get your order fulfilled by BLT yet? I put in a couple orders on Feb 20, and I just keep staring at extended ETAs….

  20. Hello Red Panda Mining how much do you think mining will be profitable and still a thing(at least how much)

  21. Curious, why does it feel like I’m in a unique category of people that use Ryzen CPU’s to mine?
    Reason I use Ryzen over Intel is because I also mine Verus and XMR. Intel CPU’s are okay to an extent but when your earning $40 a day just from Ryzen CPU’s it’s hard to recommend Intel to anyone now…..even from a gamers perspective I would still choose Ryzen over Intel. Ryzen CPU’s have gone up a bit but in compared to Intel not as much

  22. I am from Indonesia, it is very difficult to find the latest gpu at a reasonable price. If I want to buy from abroad, the shipping cost is my burden.

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