How to purchase Bitcoin Cash with Cash Without Any Markup – Roger Ver explains

How to get Bitcoin Cash with Cash with out Any Markup, Roger Ver explains a sensible scheme to collect Bitcoin Cash with out anybody charging further for it.


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Bitcoin is among the most transformative applied sciences for the reason that invention of the Internet. stands firmly in help of monetary exemption and the exemption that Bitcoin supplies for anybody to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized community that empowers individuals to not be marginalized by governments and monetary establishments. Bitcoin is exemption.

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  1. you have to short don't listen this guy….Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin are useless. You can't pay your electricity bill, buy a starbuck, rent a car, buy a house, even can't buy a candee for your daughter….lol…that's really show you how all those cryptocurrency are a big scam……you can't even know what is the real supply on the market, the 21 millions supply are fakes…nobody can proove it….. it is not verified by any certified accredited organization …common guy wake up…..only a group of people know how to create and add BTC or other coins in circulation…. you even don't noticed it….lol…..all those halving event are fakes too…..nobody can proove the real amount of the supply after each one of them, miner juste received twice less after each one of them. just some group of people are laughing because they know how many they have created and how many they can supply without anybody noticing…..enjoy…..The no regulation world…..

  2. Nice. The benefits of helping one party spend an asset while also reducing risk to the other party receiving it is literally the foundation of wealth-gaining through trade. – Aristotle.

  3. Wtf you talking about . . . I got no time for all that. Did you smoke some high grade shit again. Pretty much ,
    How to CLEAN your Dirty illegal money with Bitcoin Cash.

  4. If people are going to learn about BCH in the meet-up they probably aren't going to have BCH so they are going to need to buy their BCH at exchanges and pay some markup right?

  5. Everyone seems to be mad at Roger in the industry…. I think it's because he says a lot of stuff that makes a lot of sense… I'll be adding more bch to my portfolio…

  6. Don't buy any BCH Roger is shorting all of it…BCH to zero after the halving….Miners are all gonna to switch to BTC….

  7. Its important to remember that scanning for crypto payments is cleaner than cash or cards.

    Combat Corona with Crypto 🤺

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