How to Mine Cardano(ADA) Full Guide | Passive ADA(Not POS)

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Thanks for watching, if in case you have any questions remark under and I’ll certainly reply!

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  1. ok i got it working! it only mined 7 raven coins? im using a GTX1080ti card… will this increase after a few days? or should i shop around for a better port? btw, thankyou for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your replies and all.
    You really seem to be knowing what you re doing so, that's why the questions are pouring in.

    I assume your method is pretty much successful seeing the numbers of coins you mine a day.
    Question: apart from z-miner being fast and apart from your strong GPU cards that you use , what is the other core element that makes it successful?
    I mean the fact that you mine ADA is essential this case?
    Because watching many tutos on YT , the topic of mining say BTC on small platforms is always gets ridiculed and not recommended starting it without a massive pile of GPS hooked up on the task.
    But you mine around 50 ADAs a day??? I mean really?
    Other coins wont perform this nice on small rigs? Only ADA?
    Also, with CCminer any coin to mine is possible, ADA as well?
    Many thanks!

  3. Really awesome video. Many many thanks!!!
    Question: What do you think, is it worth getting into it with a laptop that has a mid range strength NVIDIA card in it?
    CPU: i5 /// GPU: GeForce 940MX 2GB ram
    Many thanks, keep on rockin!!!
    May the ADA be with you forever! 🙂

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