How To Launch A Speculative Currency Attack (Bitcoin)

In this video, I focus on how Bitcoin may allow a speculative foreign money assault, each on smaller currencies in addition to on the US Dollar itself.

If speculators drive up the worth of Bitcoin an excessive amount of of their native foreign money, it invitations speculative assaults on that foreign money by foreign money arbitrageurs, who’re arbing the worth of Bitcoin throughout the 2 fiat currencies.

Every time somebody buys Bitcoin and sells their native foreign money (or particularly borrows of their native foreign money to be able to purchase Bitcoin), it makes Bitcoin a bit bit stronger and the native fiat foreign money a bit bit weaker.

This is how Bitcoin will proceed to eat the world.

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Pierre Rochard’s “Speculative Attack” paper:

George Soros and Black Wednesday:

MicroStrategy borrows cash to purchase Bitcoin:

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How To Launch A Speculative Currency Attack (Bitcoin)

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  1. *****WARNING******: there are a number of scammers who are using my image and channel name to try to connect with my viewers on WhatsApp and other platforms to scam them. Just so you know, I will never refer you to "my personal trader" or try to connect with you personally to sell you something. I am banning these scammers as quickly as they pop up, but if you could report them to YouTube, it would be very helpful. You can always recognize a scammer by clicking on the image and seeing how many videos he has. All of these guys have zero videos, while I have hundreds.

  2. All recommendations about ROCKTECHEI on instagram is True. He’s legit…. He got back my BTC with no strèss….

  3. All I'm looking forward to is seeing Matt's next video on his take on latest news of gov regulation attempts on btc!

  4. Thanks a lot for another very interesting video! Also, among weak currencies I would add the Russian rubles, and affiliated post communism countries (there, there are lots of people still saving in dollars as it is still a better hedge than their local currency…)

  5. I started trading stocks after reading a few of your books on Amazon Kindle. Started investing the end of October. You made it so easy to understand and inspired me. I was a bank manager for 11 years and never invested. I was up over 60% on a large investment (TSLA, NIO, SBE, PLTR, XPEV) Locked in profits and reinvested into more stocks following technical analysis I learned from you too. Now I’m up another 12%. Been watching your Bitcoin videos and hopped onboard and got a full Bitcoin at 20k price point (15% up now) Holding long and will DCA in more if it goes down or up. Thank you for educating us all.

  6. How do you think of Ark Invest? They are really interested in Bitcoin too and they built their own model says Bitcoin is going to be 500K

  7. This is the best time to buy bitcoin. Investing in Bitcoin has been the smartest decision of my life, initially frustrating, I lost half my portfolio to the crash, trading couldn’t help me because I had little experience , all I needed was somebody to put me through. On several occasions, some majority of the videos uploaded on different channels made references about a Pro Trader- Joseph Robert Lutz who has an affordable Strategy to show thousands of investors out there loosing because they lack the knowledge to trade their Bitcoin, they also dropped his contact in the comment section. I reached out to him through his Telegram @Robert_cryptosignals12 he has been giving the best trading Tips and I have been able to increase my little 3.5Btc to 9BTC, Thanks to those that mentioned him in your videos, you are all part of my success story. Y'all can reach out to him through His WhatsApp: +19413154822

  8. Have you seen much of an uptick in subs Matt? Will be interesting to see how your sub count changes over the next 12 months!

  9. Great video as always Matthew. Hey, quick question: Did Microstrategy actually borrow dollars in order to buy Bitcoin? I thought they only used some of their free cashflow for this. Did a major bank actually lent them this kind of cash with Bitcoin be the collateral or was it a load for something else (like developing the company) which then Microstrategy repurposed for BTC? Thanks.

  10. Are you sure that money is created when a bond is issued? I thought money was only created when it was lent out by banks on fractional reserves, not when private investors buy bonds.

    I could be completely wrong, would really appreciate your input.

  11. Here’s what I’m not understanding: how is MSTR stock down after this announcement? Do you speculate it will go back up again? Potentially after proof of earnings in Q1? If they’ve done so well this is a smart next step so I’m baffled at the stock price plummet!

  12. It is important that you explain that the FED and not Bitcoin is burning your dollars. They intentionally devalue the currency. This year by maybe 15%. Bitcoin has nothing to do with the problem. It could happen with gold or a Chinese currency that everyone would want. It just so happens everyone wants Bitcoin because it is better than ANY currency anywhere and better than gold.

  13. Always enjoy your video and your opinion. i thank you to get me on bitcoin bull ride earlier during the pandemic. you are a gem in the wild youtube trading video world. But, I am not sure about borrowing money to hedge bitcoin against dollar is a good idea. was it the reason bitcoin crashed in 2017? i love the way it is going now. rising, consolidation and rising again. this makes the rising movement sustainable. Thank you.

  14. Can you please make a video about the GTBC Nav vs Bitcoin arbitrage? Basically a bitcoin etf is trading at a 26% premiun

  15. Thanks Matt. I am thinking that this could be the driver for Bretton Woods 2.0. This seems to be the greatest threat to bitcoin from my perspective. If we get collective devaluing of fiat currency and the world central banks hands are forced to retaliate to save their currencies and power, I wonder what that end game looks like? Do they adopt Bitcoin or do they resist and try to dethrone Bitcoin with some other global currency index that is a basket of currencies. As you state, once the wave start in bitcoin it will be hard to stop due to the impacts it would have on individuals and institutions, but we, unfortunately, have irrational leaders across the globe and I only can imagine what they will do to stay in power/protect their currencies. Something to watch over the coming years.

  16. Why do you think the big players will start buying Bitcoin in large quantities when its capitalization reaches namely 1 trillion dollars?
    And not, say, 2 or 10 trillion, for example?

    Thanks a lot for your videos!

  17. Thank you, Matthew. Interesting and thought provoking! I wonder which country will be the first to peg its currently to BTC 🤔

  18. Nice video ,.. I forgot the website but one can see Bitcoin in different currencies and the fact that in Argentina and some African countries Bitcoin is far more expensive

  19. Another good video. That is a crazy low rate for MSTR's notes. I recall Sailor saying that investors were willing to pay a lower rate because they wanted to participate in bitcoin, so presumably there was some profit participation agreement built into the notes. Your commentary on the etf HACK a few days a go was well timed.

  20. Engaging video that was. Interesting Insight into our future currency. Certainly looks as if it’s time up for the dollar. The amount of FED printing – V Bitcoin adoption. The times are a changing! We learn something new every day. Thank you 😊

  21. I wonder if we ever see an active reduction in gold market cap that we can attribute to BTC. A strong correlation perhaps. That would be interesting to watch actively happen.

  22. I heard that 35% of all money created in the US since the inception of the FED has been created in 2020. Staggering if even close to true.

  23. Not investment advice, but this is what I did: I borrowed $50k against my 401k balance and bought Bitcoin last April. The 401k loan interest is 5%, but it is paid to myself. Also, I reduced my ongoing 401k contributions to the minimum amount that would still receive my company's match. I then took the extra that I had been putting in the 401k (above the match threshold) and set up dollar cost averaging thru Swan for additional BTC investment. So far… it's working.

  24. So you mentioned that it is difficult for individuals to do the same thing as M Saylor and Microstrategies, but that you were going to mention a way to do so? Did I miss that in the video? Or was that a reference to the mortgage?

  25. Wow I had no idea things like what you mentioned in this video are even possible. basically some people on this earth have the power to destabilize whole countries just for a profit. Dirty game.

  26. so bitcoin is really threatening economic stability in my opinion. I don't think the government is gonna like it.

  27. Boy thats exciting as fuck never tought about It, its Very coincidence to hear about It after the us cyber attack

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