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Monero XMR has maintained their stance of asic-resistance on the subject of mining, and are actually additionally GPU-resistant with their new CPU mining algorithm. Monero developed RandomX to focus on current CPU {hardware} that’s already on the market and encourage participation in mining their blockchain. There are worthwhile and environment friendly Intel CPUs in addition to AMD CPUs for CPU mining Monero XMR on RandomX. AMD Ryzen CPUs are a number of the greatest CPUs or processors out proper now, and it’s no shock they’re completely superior at mining Random X, particularly since these Ryzen CPUs have been nice at mining cryptonight, cryptonight 7 and cryptonight r for instance. Here’s the most effective video information on the way to CPU mine Monero RandomX in 2019 going into 2020 with XMRig with Intel and AMD CPUs!

Monero RandomX whitepaper (ish) –
Monero mining config generator (XMRig Wizard) –
Download newest Monero RandomX XMRig Miner –
Monero XMR mining issue + hashrate chart –
Monero XMR mining profitability calculator –
Monero XMR mining swimming pools –
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Monero RandomX hashrates benchmarks –

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  1. Anyone know the return on a top spec Ryzen at today's varibles? I don't mind spending but I'm not looking for an ROI of 2 years, as we know that'll likely be longer. Thanks!

  2. 4:30 Follow at your own risk: I've heard the file still downloads (at least for my browser), but never gets renamed to "*.zip". You can manually rename, and run the SHA256 to verify authenticity.
    Great video, and mirrors my experience. Took my first plunge into mining with an i5-6600k, and happened to be on the day Monero switched over to RandomX. Made a whooping potential $0.36 over two days (about a month or two before I reach min pool payout), so no lambos yet. Still, fun to finally start learning about this stuff.

  3. Are there any significant downsides to mining with cpu and gpu on a machine simultaneously as far as hashrates compared to the max potential of each on their own?

  4. hey vosk, i have the same cpu just the x version of the 1700x anyway to get ur hash up this is what i did, u have to go to bios an turn off opcache control, and then set it run only 8 threads if u didnt already makes a big diff etc.. theres some other tweaks to such as disable hw prefetch for intel an stuff too which boost it quite a bit im hasing away at 5234.9hs/s

  5. 90% of this is greek to me. but I am dedicated to learning and I think this is the BEST channel to learn info. I understand that he cant stop and explain to the newbies what some of the software tech terms mean. So I will have to do side research to get up to speed. But wow! I love learning! And I will take the time to get up to speed and start up my 1st rig someday. I'm a great at research in other fields and my monero research tells me nothing but great things. I love that XMR is at a low price and has slow growth. Thats right what I want to see. Stay off the bandwagon and you're in on the next thing before its the next thing. REALLY love the channel. Thanks for all the work you put into it just to help us newbies.

  6. Hey vosk, you can really get your 1700 hashrate up to 5680 hs if you follow my guide, I did what you said and made it 1 long video, you will need good ram but even if you don't still watch it,

    I have my 1700 hashing at 5800hs right now,

    I think it would be super cool video if we did a video showing how to overclocking your system for random x , and in this case I would teach you and it would be a great learning experience for everyone, its just a thought

  7. Good content coverage; basically arrived at the same conclusion; and I started looking for good cpu's back when the news broke and still couldn't find jack at fair market value; guess I will just keep going through the motions with CKB or ETC for now.

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