Discover a Smarter approach of shopping for bitcoins in India.
Check out Paxful, the most important Peer to Peer Bitcoin Marketplace which connects patrons and sellers of bitcoin globally.

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People from all corners of the world can comfortably and safely join with each other. Paxful have fully eradicated the necessity for a intermediary and which means no banks or third-party entities of any form.

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  1. Paxful is totally scam. Stop using it. I am having an experience. I suggest everyone not to use it or else you will lose thousands of dollar.Their Bitcoin Seller keep two accounts, One they use to redeem the buyer"s card and then they use the same card on their other account . Then the card shows its already redeemed on another account, they took screen shot and posted it on trade chat. Paxful Moderator always helps these scammers to scam buyers .BITcoin buyers always LOST DISPUTE because Paxfull Moderator Help their vendor to scam @t I suggest you not to use Paxful ever in your entire life and share this comment with you beloved.Again Paxful is totally scam .Bitcoin vendors and Their moderator both are scammers .

  2. This website is very useless. On this website I made a loss of 5900rs. due to the fault of the moderator.
    I opened a trade of 5900rs. on this website and I also made a payment but still I did not get my bitcoins.
    I give all my evidence even then the moderator give the bitcoins to that scammer. After all this, I opened the support ticket. But still to no avail,
    I received a mail in it, in which he had admitted that yes, we have made a mistake and we will definitely do something but nothing happened.
    MY TRADE ID- wz1vXMnDEoK

  3. भाई साहाब micro phone इस्तेमाल करे कृपया कुच भी सुनाई नही देता full volume करके भी🙏🙏

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