How To Benefit From Bitcoin In 2021?

Watch our Community and Partnerships Manager, Vladislav Alimpiev, explaining how one can turn out to be a greater Bitcoin dealer and how one can profit from Bitcoin in 2021.

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Subtitles obtainable in Spanish, Russian and English!

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0:00 Introduction

8:58 The greatest buying and selling practices

13:48 Read the advert phrases

14:46 Pay quick!

15:36 Be responsive

16:08 Release shortly

18:14 Question 1: Why is the shopping for worth larger than the promoting worth?

19:15 Question 2: What was your commerce quantity final month?

19:48 Question 3: Is Bitcoin an excellent long-term funding?

20:30 Question 4: Is it potential to trade bitcoins to euros?

20:54 Question 5: Can we hyperlink our checking account with NativeBitcoins for simple transactions?

21:21 Question 6: Should I hold bitcoins within the NativeBitcoins pockets?

22:21 Question 7: Can the verification course of be reviewed?

23:28 Be thorough when creating an advert!

23:55 Customize your advert!

24:35 Be useful

25:03 Leave optimistic suggestions

26:48 Confirmed Bitcoin worth at 2:30 pm

27:53 Question 8: How to keep away from massive margins with sure cost strategies?

30:37 Question 9: What would be the worth of Bitcoin within the subsequent 5 years/by June 2021?

31:38 Question 10: Future of Bitcoin and the way will it have an effect on the monetary financial system?

32:42 Question 11: Why does the worth of Bitcoin at all times go larger this time of the yr?

33:29 Question 12: Why are the frequent individuals nonetheless not speaking about Bitcoin?

37:26 Question 13: Are we in the course of a Bitcoin bubble?

38:41 Question 14: How many energetic customers from Venezuela NativeBitcoins has now?

39:09 Question 15: When are you incorporating Ethereum?

40:03 Question 16: Will Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency be the way forward for buying and selling?

40:43 Question 17: Could Bitcoin be the long run mode of transactions on the planet?

41:35 Question 18: Number 1 market of NativeBitcoins?

42:02 Question 19: How do you shield your customers in case your worker mistakenly closes an account?

44:37 Question 20: Can we’ve a local fiat pockets on NativeBitcoins?

45:17 Question 21: When will you enable withdrawing to Bech32 Segwit addresses?

45:36 Question 22: Mobile app?

47:01 New web site design

49:05 Question 23: How usually will NativeBitcoins have webinars sooner or later?

52:36 Question 24: When is the best time to purchase Bitcoin?

54:56 Question 25: Can you reverse a Bitcoin transaction?

55:37 Question 26: How to unfold the Bitcoin phrase?

56:11 Question 27: Will Bitcoin exchange gold?

58:20 Question 28: What is the way forward for Bitcoin in Zimbabwe?

1:00:34 Announcing the giveaway winners!

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How To Benefit From Bitcoin In 2021?

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