How A Lot Is The GPU Crypto Mining Farm Making??? Mining Farm Update – Jan 2021

The one the place HashRaptor supplies an outline of the Cryptocurrency GPU Mining Farm for Jan 2021 with Profits, Hashrates and Wattage. How a lot cash is the Crypto Mining Farm making?

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How to Build a GPU Cryptocurrency Mining Rig Playlist:

Mining Cave Shed Build Playlist:

Hodl Strategy:


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? Our Favorite GPU’s for Mining in 2021:

? NVIDIA 3060 Ti:

?Zotac 1660 Super Amp Edition:

?EVGA 1660 Super:


?AMD Radeon 5700XT:

?AMD Radeon 5600Xt:

?AMD Radeon VII:


?Excellent Rig Build Parts:

? Asrock H110 Mining Motherboard:

? Processor:

? i3:

? Memory:

? SSD:

? Risers:

? Other Risers I like:

? Rig Frame:


? Server PSU and Cables:

? Fan Hub Splitter:

? Best Fans (100 CFM):


? Best Book I’ve Read: “Ready Player One” –

Audio Book:

Gear used within the Mining Shed Build:

? Inkbird WiFi Thermostat:

? Govee Bluetooth Thermometer and Humidity Sensor:

? Cat 7 Shielded Ethernet Cable:

? three prong adapter cable for C13 220v Outlet:

? Teckin Wifi Plug used on this video **watch out, Teckin began eradicating vitality monitoring and nonetheless known as it the identical mannequin**:

? 110v Altenative WiFi Plug with vitality monitoring (double examine 220v score on any plug if that’s the goal as I’ve solely examined the Teckin swap on 220v):

? WiFi LED Light Strip that works with Alexa/Google:

? Bluetooth Digital Temp Display Unit:


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How A Lot Is The GPU Crypto Mining Farm Making??? Mining Farm Update - Jan 2021

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  1. Building my first miner next month, my first experiment was an epic fail (eGPU on a MacBook Pro—nope!). Starting with one GPU (AMD Radeon Frontier edition liquid cooled card) and seeing how this goes, this rig won't even have a frame, just gonna sit on a glass table. Was a little pricy just to get these parts at $1,700–but that's all the guts, and building with performance in mind. If this actually does what I want two more cards will soon find a new home. The problem will be finding 100MH cards….

    Ironically I have an old 49 inch curve screen TV, guess what my first miner monitor is….

  2. I wish people would stop buying gpus like this so I could actually finish my rig been saving up for ever now for a pc about a year (I’m 14) and finally had enough (1000$) and bought every other part and when I was just about to buy a gpu the whole price rise happened and now I can’t even buy a 1050 without having to pay 250 to 300 dollars. My system is a i7 10700k and I use the nzxt motherboard with a 850 thermalake 80+ gold and I now have 350 dollars trying to buy at least a 1660 or 1660 super so everything matches but can’t because of the surge and the mining 🙁 I just wanna play some games.

  3. I'm a noob and just started yesterday, getting around only 20 mh on my 1060 lol I did the math and I would earn maybe $40 after power expenses, but I'm worried about my GPU not holding out for too long and I have to spend money to buy a new's currently at a stable 70C

  4. I am looking to start my first mining rig because of your channel. Great content! Let me know if you are still looking to sell any of your hardware, I would love to support a fellow enthusiast.

  5. Crypto miners are miserly parasites who must be behind bars for wasting energy, making GPU and RAM prices go up, and speculating with an asset with no instrinsic value.

  6. I started mining a couple days ago. I'm just doing it as a hobby. I use my gaming PC when I'm not using it and my old gaming PC. If I stick to this I definitly want to get a proper set up and try to become more efficient and more profitable. But it's still pretty cool knowing my PC's are making me money when I'm not using them. My big question is what do you do with your coin? Do you actually use it, or hold onto it in the hopes that the value goes up over time? My biggest limiting factor is I rent my townhome and I can't make modifications to add more circuits or anything so I'm stuck with basic power.

  7. Hello…I would like to Mine Menaro…do you have a suggestion for a mining rig that would do this for a start up low cost?

  8. i am not an expert on mining but if i were you when etherium drops either sell them and buy a acisc or if you have anough money you can keep the gpus for somthing else and then buy a acisc

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