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  1. Hey Sunny, i have just enrolled using your link for Phemex and the bonus is just $2 not $112 any reason its changed ?

  2. Tachyon Protocol (IPX) is a decentralized internet protocol that aims to create a Libre, Secure and Private Internet for you. Based on Tachyon Protocol (IPX), the Next-Gen VPN, IoT, DeFi, Storage, CDN, DNS and other Apps will benefit 900 million users at least.

  3. I just want to say sth very important. It's very vital you hear this. It goes this way; Corona Viirus,, shit is getting real!

  4. This person gave him 0.5 BTC. They now have 6 BTC in their wallet. He really is a super person her Instagram @hack_mason and her what’s app. +19099063209

  5. please help me, we dont have money to buy because of this lockdown . no work, no income. please send a small bitcoin amount of my acc. please may the lord bless you..


  6. When Mining Capitulation occurs means we are near or uppon the soil… for me not all bad news becouse we need to see how actors suffer before the final launch, only a confirmation of the final stage.

  7. The more people that will buy cryptos with leverage the less they are helping the price to grow. When you are buying things with leverage then you are buying a CFD or Contract For Difference and not the real coin. This does not help the price at all. I wonder how many that knows this.. Buying with leverage is just greed and it will bite them in the ass in the end if everyone does this.

  8. I’ve never seen so many stupid uneducated comments with all these comments no one is talking about what their input is is bitcoin going to go up or is it going to dump.
    Just come up this post if you think a huge dump is about to come.👍

  9. Will eventually not every miner stop mining when almost all bitcoins are mined? How will it be any lucrative towards the end?

  10. Automatic BOOST to Communities Act

    Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (MI-13)

    Good Night USD!!

    In the long term, the card infrastructure should be converted into a permanent, Treasury-

    administered digital public currency wallet system, to serve as a privacy-respecting “eCash”

    complement to universal Fed Accounts and/or Postal Bank Accounts for All. This proposal

    should be accompanied by progressive tax reform to ensure that emergency relief provisioning

    does not exacerbate income or wealth inequality in the long-term.

  11. soon the reward is going to get cut in half so the slower miners are cutting of there gigs faster figs means miners receive more reward plus if price drops more hared is it to mine you need faster asic cards

  12. try using logic, coronavirus, stay at home, electricity cost vs bitcoin price, and what you expect? you dont need to be a genius to figure it out, but try figure out what happens to bitcoin

  13. Block time is distributed not by Poisson but by Exponential distribution. The former is a discrete distribution and it reflects the number of blocks in certain period of time. (E.g. the number of blocks in next hour.) Interesting observation: the chart of Exponential distribution is descending, so there can be no top on it in the middle (like on the chart you demonstrated). Also this means that probability of block being assembled from 0 to 1 seconds is higher than probability of block being assembled from 1 to 2 seconds and so on.

  14. Equities and BTC is linked. US unemployment numbers come out in 30 minutes. If it's very bad like I am predicting. BTC, EQUITIES it is all SHORT. They are only pricing in 1.5 million being unemployed. I think it is 1.5 million ++ Maybe 3-4 million. Watch this space closely. Hash rate is dropping off because miners are capitulating that is a bearish indicator for BTC not bullish at all.

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