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  1. Bitcoin started a downside correction which saw it test $8,800 region though it will correct higher and trade above the $9,000 support levels this was expected before the full blast of the bull run kicks in. Bitcoin is expected to hit the $20,000 region before the year runs out and if that happens without you stacking up more coins will make no sense at all so it’s only reasonable you find suitable means to stack up and grow that portfolio quickly and I have come to understand that guided trading with the assistance of an expert trader is the best approach to achieving that. One of such expert trader is Nathan Trueman whom I have been copying his trades for quite some time now through his daily trade signals. I can’t say I'm doing bad for myself because with the aid of his trade signals being copied in my trades I have surpassed all my previous achievements having made 8 btc in my first 2 weeks of using them. He can be reached on WhatsApp: +44 7723 984457 and also through his Telegram:@nathantrueman for more inquiries into becoming a better and well-informed trader.

  2. I cannot believe you can buy BTC 50% off in Argentina Pesos vs USD value we need to have someone in every major country working as a team if 'legal' just trading back and fourth between fiats and Cryptos just killin it. I want the AAA exchange rate. Make a truly decentralized platform to convert between fiats and everything we should have the power to be able to do that sick and tired of wealthy getting the better deal

  3. ISO 20022 is widely used in financial services. Organizations participating in ISO 20022 include: Ripple, FIX Protocol Limited (Financial Information eXchange), ISDA (FpML), ISITC, Omgeo, SWIFT, and Visa. / and Ripple had been erased from this WIKi page ….

  4. Massive money printing continues 👀

    Still time to become a ‘Bitcoinaire’..⏳

    Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock coming down the track ⛹🏻‍♂️

  5. Hi Crypto Chris. These are the two places to buy gold or silver that are reputable: APMEX and JM BULLION. Right now the premium price of silver and gold far out ways their respective spot price. But I buy regardless. In my opinion american eagles, gold eagles and even junk silver is a safe bet and very liquid. You don't want to be stuck with coins or bullion that are hard to liquidate and harder to catch the premium price you might have payed for. Of course my portfolio also holds crypto, stocks, and even collectibles (art, comics, trade cards) which not many people in this market might consider, but to me serve as a better hedge than precious metals. For one they do not depreciate in value as long as their physical condition is just as good as when you bought it. They generally appreciate over time and are very liquid once they are graded (if they are popular). Graded comics and cards for example can sell for thousands respectively just as much as gold or silver without the volatility of the markets. To me that is a true hedge. But I think gold and silver will have more of a rise unless the shorts in the stock markets need to cover their losses from another crash. You will then see the prices of precious metals go down because they have to cover loss with what they have left or what they moved into. But conversely I don't think this will happen again do to the Feds aid. The precious metals market especially silver which is actually rarer than gold (and in my opinion undervalued) is starting to see an uptrend as an inverse to the stock market. I think the crytpo markets correlation to the stock markets has more to do with the big companies buying into it rather then retail. Once you start to see more retail I think the crytpo market will stabilize and be independent from both the whales and the stock market. it's a growing market with a small market cap compared to the others. Once the market cap reaches a certain point whales cannot manipulate. I think we are starting to see this happening.

  6. I like to purchase physical bullion or coins of gold or silver. I like it as a hedge against inflation, hold it against the devaluation of fiat.

  7. I buy a few hundred dollars of precious metals every month. I look at gold, silver, platinum, and palladium and then buy whichever one is down the most or up the least. It's mostly for really long term holding with the expectation of selling it in a bull market one day.

  8. About same thing happen to me…got paid in crispy new CAD money and when i wanted to deposit them in the atm, i had to do it 3-4 times cause the machine had a hard time counting them lol.

  9. I'm in the process of moving from Texas to Iowa. Once I'm done in about a month, I plan on joining your training group. I really look forward to it.

  10. I absolutely buy and hold both physical gold and silver. Vetted dealers are 1. SD Bullion, 2. JM Bullion, and 3. APMEX.

  11. yes im buying gold and silver moved some of profits form btc over there after the halving ended using bullion vault to on board rather than paper trading believe now is better time to hold physical gold and silver over trading the paper trades with the world re opening and continued money printing gold and silver and platinum are highly probable likely to hold its value against inflation because of the over printing to buy bonds the same thing they did in 2008 and this time they done it on a bigger scale and last time they did this it didn't work the rich got richer from it and highly probable will happen again and the working man will pay for it again

  12. Printing fiat then investing, is how they "create" more money. It is exactly money laundering. You invest fake, printed money, then cash out hard assets. The feds are the problem, not the population and none of them have any idea how to stop it or get out without millions going broke and dying of starvation.

  13. Really love the way you explain everything so easily! I'm on the edge of joining the group and super excited…I'm trying to juggle finances and make it happen. Hands down you have the best channel!

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