Global Financial Reset Coming (Why Bitcoin Will Rule 2020)

In this video we look at why the US Dollar goes to strengthen by way of this disaster. Yet, Bitcoin adoption remains to be coming. Find out how and why!

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Global Financial Reset Coming (Why Bitcoin Will Rule 2020)

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  1. If you think jobs are coming back to the U.S. because of this crisis, you must really be smoking some nice s**t. Trump can call for a return to the U.S. all he wants (if he even cares anymore). These greedy corporations will not comply and they will find other spots like Vietnam where goods can be manufactured CHEAPLY. And you might be surprised how many actually decide to keep their offshore manufacturing in China, because they have no choice. NO other spot on the planet offers as robust and varied a manufacturing pool as China for as cheap a price. These companies are WAY too greedy with their profits…. Try Again.

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  3. Very good content I must admit. However, the correction seems to be almost completed and we may very well have seen the dip already but it must be noted that no one can for sure say exactly where the correction took place until it has actually happened. What that implies is that there is never a better time to start piling up the coins even though logically, those who bought at say $5,000 seem to be at advantage. A level playing ground exists in trading as it presents a quicker way to turn in more coins without having to buy more. Learn to trade and do this or for a safer investment, its best to find a successful trader that gives out signals and then, copy them. Jacob Morgan is one such example and in trading with his guidance, i grew 2btc to about 7btc in 3 weeks. Although There are several service providers to choose from, but Mr Jacob is the most accurate and easy to use from my experience and he can be reached on Telegram (@JacobMorgan99) for a better insight into trading

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  5. Ive got one thing to say to this vid: Doesnt China hold the majority of btc in play right now? Wouldnt this in effect make China Boss if we were to shift and adopt btc as world currency?

  6. Check out bitbay coin there peg system is awsome the coin with a working peg system that keeps it's value. Not to mention they have been around for along time with a active dev team

  7. Yesterday, buyers were able to increase their purchases. In the morning, the pair held above the 7,3IOusd resistance and in the evening growth continued. In the Asian session, Bitcoiin set a new April high of 7,44Ousd. If, today, the price can resist a deep pullback, then growth will continue. The nearest narrow resistance area is at the 7,6OOusd level. If bears resume pressure and roll the pair back to below 6,6OOusd, then a scenario with a sharp drop in prices will unfold. so we might witness more crash till the halving happening in May 2O2O , for now you can only make profit by trading, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Alice Martin Winters strategy, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, reach her on telegram @ coinscourt

  8. Lets come and see if anyone can replace China in manufacturing. Europe??? They can make LV and Ferrai. Can people live on that?

  9. ๐‘ช๐’‚๐’ ๐’š๐’๐’– ๐’•๐’†๐’๐’ ๐’Ž๐’† ๐’‚๐’ƒ๐’๐’–๐’• ๐‘ฟ๐‘น๐‘ท

  10. Hey bitboy elusive dude! i understand that bitcoin is a store of value! I dont understand why you have never talked about the coins like XRP and XLM those are making serious grounds towards mass adoption. XRP will be the world currency standard, and that's just my 2 satoshis!

  11. Thomas Jefferson, and John F Kennedy would approve of bitcoin. The central bank is more threaten to our liberty than a standing army, Satoshiโ€™s system is a declaration of war on financial treason.

  12. The Dollar is only that strong because a lot of debts in other countrys are denominated in USD, and to serve these debts they need to buy US Dollar. And the USD is backed by the oil, All oil producer should sell the oil for USD, or the US govermend gets very angry.

  13. About time someone is thinking beyond the destruction of the Dollar. Even BTC price is pegged to fiat prices, even Gold.

  14. The dollar will not die because every other country is printing money as well. As a matter of fact, that money being printed will be well distributed world wide because everyone else wants it. Other countries will devalue long before the USD. The USD will have value for as long as people want it. This is the big problem for Bitcoin and itโ€™s a clear one. Adoptability. Bitcoin is way to complicated for your average office worker or service worker. You need to first understand what Bitcoin is, you need a โ€œwalletโ€ well what the hell is that? You need to get the app for your phone and then you need to go out and buy food at Safeway. That is why Bitcoin will struggle to take over the old way of buying and selling. Whoever can solve this problem seamlessly, they will be the savior of the masses and will catapult Bitcoin to its proper place. But even if this technology is created making transactions simple like a debit card, there is still the chance that governments and banks will collude to make crypto illegal around the world. There is a real possibility that, that will happen if the Federal Reserve and itโ€™s board members (banks) feel threatened. The whole system needs to collapse fully first, but hopefully Bitcoin will have advanced sufficiently before that happens.

  15. The government can print as much as the Fed Reserve (not federal gov at all) authorizes! Think Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the various Mints located @ Phil, Denver, San Fran and West Point. And to put a fine point on this, our dollar is actually a Fed Reserve Note.

  16. It seems that a lot of people can't see the big picture. What he is saying is that BTC will be used similar to a CBDC. He just left out the part where XRP will make the transactions complete.

  17. Yo Bitboy after i watched your vid i was scrolling down and saw a vid titled, " Japan to pay companies to move out of China" how nuts is that?

  18. Global Financial Reset = YES
    BTC = NO.

    There is no way countries of the world are going to use BTC itโ€™s too slow to be useful, and GOVs hate it.

    Weโ€™ll have new CBDC and a USD Coin, crypto will do really well, and so will the top 10 coins and all with real utility. BTC has no real utility it really just a whale pump and dumb coins and an entirely manipulated market. BTC might do well but itโ€™s not going to be any thing a financial system is based on.

    More likely XRP since they are already in talks with banks, FED, Govs, The IMF, and were there at Davis for the WEF. All of the people groups I just mentioned have already said they donโ€™t want BTC and but that they do want to work with crypto and they all know about and like XRP and Ripple.

    We might have BTC go to new ATH from speculations but nothing it going to be based on to. It might get some new life from a Tezos wrapper as the. It would not have all of the limitations that BTC inherently has.

    If yeah BTC it far too environmentally unfriendly to even be taken seriously as a lot of the talk in Davos at the WEC was about environmental sustainability. And they just not BTC or any mined coin.

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