Fly Japan Airlines First Class REAL CHEAP!

Watch this video to discover ways to fly Japan Airlines First Class actually low cost utilizing Alaska Air miles.

After flying JAL home top notch from Sapporo to Tokyo, I traveled in fashion on Japan Airlines B777-300/ER in First Class from Tokyo to San Francisco. I additionally reviewed Japan Airlines First Class lounge in Tokyo Haneda with surprises!

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  1. Hi All, i hope you like the new text style and information pops on the screen. I will try to standardize a bit more. The aim is to provide more information and entertainment at the same time. Your suggestion is always welcome!

  2. Do you just fly around with nothing to do at your end destinations and fly back home the same day or next day lol? If you really love planes….you should have put in some effort to be a pilot instead of commenting on airplane interiors…you know.

  3. The American airlines service was great unlike they used to be, I guess they had too many complaints so domestic flight said this drink is on us. JAL airlines, international sister service has gone to shit. The flight attendants are so rude just as bad as how American airlines used to be. I press button for service they just ignore you. I then just went up to them asking them for a drink, Yeah I know it was a 14 hour flight but we did not take off for 3 hours after boarding and they didn't tell us why till we landed in Tokyo. After getting up to ask for a 3rd drink the bitch goes have you not had enough to drink? I just laughed my ass off for a sec and said if you only knew my situation you would understand, I had a 24 hour day with planes and airports and father in bad health. I said fine this is last drink and she said yes. Then being rude again she goes here just take some bottled water with you. Totally lazy as hell. I mean least I got up every time to come to them instead of pressing the button oops, that doesn't work anyway. By the way I spent 1400 dollars for economy premium one way ticket from Tulsa, Ok to DFW, SFO, Haneda Tokyo airport. JAL never again. My first one way ticket was with Delta all the way. I guess I will book with them from now on. I totally think this video is a sales pitch to win you over as if you fly to Haneda and not Narita you will not find anything like this.

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