FINAL SHOWDOWN: Bitcoin Cash On The Brink Of Destruction? New Era Of Tyranny Under Craig?

Latest BitcoinCash War article with all data from at this time talked about



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FINAL SHOWDOWN: Bitcoin Cash On The Brink Of Destruction? New Era Of Tyranny Under Craig?

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  1. There are two sides to this. On one hand Craig is just an impossible figure, so it makes sense that people support ABC.

    However, technically BCH ABC is very weak. The position of BCH SV is entirely reasonable, especially the "wait and see" attitude towards TX ordering.

    So although reasonable people by instinct will reject Craig, the technical merits of the two camps say otherwise. That said, I would very much like to see parts of ABC in BCH, namely the OP_CHECKDATASIG.

  2. Bcash is a scam and these childrens/community in bcash is fools bitmain will destroy bcash and these people who switch from bitcoin to bcash will feel the pain of your decisions the future of bcash and its forks zero and all profits will go to bitcoin good video

  3. HAHAHA he blocked me 2
    Craig reminds me of Craig grant HAHAHA
    Its a circus show bro, you know how it is 😀

  4. Really sad what is going on! We has to work off our ego stuff before the world can really buy in. I mean, I am not sad in a way because I get to keep accumulating at these prices. I can only dollar cost average some every week. Hopefully, before ETF gets passed in the end of February next year, I have enough crypto to retire. I am just worried about what the ETF in situational guys are thinking! We don't want the rug to be pulled off our feet. Anyway, regardless of what happens, Crypto is here to stay.

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