Facebook Libra Launch, Liquid Tether, Ripple Wall Street Journal & Litecoin Halving

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  1. Its pretty clear what ripple was doing in the "AD" they brought the issue in front of the public to force USA lazy government to either get up off the a$$ and get regulations done or ripple is going to move to a country that will welcome there innovation. And the good ole U.S OF A will be left even more in the dark than what we already are

  2. LTC 4to1 .better to hold decentralized currencies .i feel the halving will do well for Litecoins price .Especially Since we are supposedly in a bull crypto market and other currencies are starting to wobble # regulate the hell out of libra..

  3. Don't get to lost in positive news you're dealing with governments institutions. logic is not something that applies to these people in the words of George Carlin it's not in their interest to have a population of well-informed citizens it's a big club and you are not in the club

  4. This is what is so wrong with this space. I’m not even a XRP investor. Ripple sends out a letter trying to help out the whole Crypto space and people make fun of them. Blows my mind

  5. Libra will kill xrp because you all are forgetting how much the govt loves your data along with your posts and bank accounts as it helps find possible terrorists whilst XRP is not attached to your social media profile. You see libra connected to all banks you do a crime or wanted for whatever all your accounts frozen and or you make a suspicious post on fb all accounts frozen so you cant run. XRP dosent allow what the govt likes being and thats big brother.

  6. What Ripple was getting at wasn't really desperate. What they are trying to do is get the US government to actually DO SOMETHING. If and when the next global financial crisis / depression / recession / whatever comes, the rest of the world will move on to blockchain and be able to completely ignore the US. This will have very bad consequences for the sustainability of the US economy and people. The rest of the world can move up a notch in standard of living and it wouldn't take all that much upward movement in many many places. However, the US is NOT prepared for anything other than even the poor having wide screen TVs, cars, and iPhones. The US will see utter chaos if our standard of living is diminished in any substantive way. And the only thing that will cause all of this is our government dragging it's damn feet and bickering on everything. The world WILL pass us by and there will be nothing we can do but play catch up for the rest of our existence as a country if our government continues ignoring or deliberately refusing to address this issue.

  7. Fukin Fakepuke. That Garbage should be illegal and that mother Zucker should be jailed. They just had to go and get all up in our faces with their own puketo currency just to get my goat. Someone pull the plug on this Mother Zucker. Something had to give. No Libra.

  8. Tether prints more Tether when people put money into the coin. What happens when you sell that coin for BTC, is the Tether then burned? I think not…..So what is really backing Teather?

  9. Thanks for posting; always helpful to check-in with you…. Hoping Facebook fades. Which is worse: CapitalOne "losing" 100,000 customers private data, or FB selling millions of user's data?

  10. Sidechains / layers are many, yes? Lightning, Liquid, atomic swaps, Ark, Chainlink, Komodo, Kyber, plus point-of-sale software? Reiterative and-or multiplicative. —> BTC becomes a means of exchange while on its way (back) to mainly a store of value (as its marketcap and price go sky high).

  11. The other coin that musnt be mentioniod is ZCash. MI doenst mention it because its been dropping constantly in price because its in its highest inflation phase like BTC was during its first 4 years. Its a US domestic product and one of the few coins that can be traded in NY. The next bull run will favor all regulatory compliant coins as the next bull run will be fueled by institutional buying. ZCash should bottom out around OCT/NOV about one year before its halving. And should top out around september 2020 which IMO is i a good date as the pump willl be during a bull market cased by BTC supply shock. What I dont understand is why the US government isnt running its own USD pegged stablecoin, this would solve so much, tax evasion, money laundering etc. I think a stablecoin backed by US GOV would canibalize all other USD stablecoins.

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