ETHEREUM Proof Of Stake Is Near! BITCOIN Flippening Too?

Ethereum Proof of Stake is coming and the Ether Stakes have been RAISED! Are you ready for the proof of stake beacon chain launch? Today, we dive into the necessities for Ethereum staking: Full Ethereum node setup, what number of Eth, and the {hardware} necessities. Will their be choices for individuals who wish to stake, still don’t wish to run a node? Yes, and this comes from Rocketpool. Ethereum to flip Bitcoin? This launch goes to resolve that!

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00:08 Introduction:

00:48 Ethereum Proof of Stake Is Coming!

01:03 Ethereum Istanbul Hardfork

01:55 Ropsten Testnet Chainsplit Due To Instanbul Upgrade

02:58 The Launch of The Beacon Proof of Stake Chain

03:28 Eth2 Proof of Stake Clients Interoperate

03:52 How To Prepare For Ethereum Staking: Get 32 Ethereum

04:07 How To Prepare For Ethereum Staking: Play With Staking Testnet

04:34 How To Prepare For Ethereum Staking: Run A Full Ethereum Node on Ethereum Mainnet

04:58 Ensuring Your Nodes Uptime: What Is Acceptable Uptime?

05:45 Moving Your Ethereum Node to The Cloud?

06:21 Hardware Requirements for a Eth Staking Node

06:54 How To Stake if You Don’t Want To Run A Node? Staking Pools

07:39 Decentralized Ethereum Staking Pool: RocketPool

08:23 The RocketPool Token $RPL

09:09 Concluding Thoughts

09:39 Outro

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