Ethereum, Monero & Bitcoin, The Halving, And Plenty Of Extra! – Top 10 Q&A From Roger Ver

Watch the highlights of Roger’s latest Q&A about his opinion on Ethereum, Monero, & Bitcoin; the halvening; his favourite books, and plenty of extra!

All credit go to Ian Balina,

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1:29 – 1. How did you become involved into BCH?

6:36 – 2. What is required for Bitcoin Cash to surpass Bitcoin?

14:22 – 3. Do you maintain any BTC?

17:36 – 4. What do you concentrate on being censored on the r/Bitcoin on Reddit?

19:12 – 5. What’s gonna occur after the Halving?

19:38 – 6. What’s one of the simplest ways for farmers market and distributors to undertake BCH?

20:40 – 7. What is your tackle Proof of Stake?

21:13 – 8. What do you consider Cash Fusion?

22:16 – 9. What three books you could have learn have utterly modified your life?

25:00 – 10. What are the three actions you took that modified your life?

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Raymond Kurzweil – The singularity is close to:

Murray N. Rothbard – The Ethics of Liberty:

Murray N. Rothbard – Man, Economy, and State:

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Ethereum, Monero & Bitcoin, The Halving, And Plenty Of Extra! - Top 10 Q&A From Roger Ver

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  1. Monero price prediction in the next 1-2 years? Trying to determine about maybe getting some xmr or link. Which will be worth more price if I buy now and hold a few years?

  2. i understand now what you mean. thank you , u know!. i trust this Man, not because he s a college dropout XD because hes a GENIOUS!

  3. The main value of btc lies not in a quick transaction time but in a possibility to send an unlimited amount of money anywhere in the world and this without needing any third party mediator. This itself is such an advanced trait compared to current official and mainstream options of sending money that issues like speed of transaction and cost of transaction aren't important factors (e.g. nobody cares if sending a sum of couple of thousands of dollars would cost you 3 dollars or 0.2 dollars or take 2 hours instead of 2 minutes).The fact of being able to do this is far superior to any concerns of price and speed. Another thing which is btc valuable for is its immutability of the ledger backed by a brutal hash rate. Of course you have many more cryptocurrencies that are faster and cheaper, but they aren't so prosperous, decentralized and resilient as bitcoin is. If you want to have a cryptocurrency for everyday payments, it will have to first of all, prove that it is better than visa, which is nearly everywhere, it's immediate and its price is negligible.

  4. Dear Roger : maybe you could do the fund raiser or suggest someone ?, BCH would be a immutable ledger for donations ? We have set up an online resourse ,putting buyers of PPE directly in touch with the manufacturers ,we know daily what stock is available ,I've contacted shadow health secretary ,not so honerable Jon Ashworth ,health secretary ,and the Lord in charge of health all to no avail ,we have ,all PPE ,swabs ,(Co-Vid test kits both antigen and antibody scratch test ) the same one the govt plans to use ,We are happy to work on a probono basis as this is not something to profit from ,please if you can help in anyway ,please please pretty please HELP ! We need a celebrity to start a fund raiser to donate kit where needed most ,we have provided kit to Spain and Italy however we are now out of funds ,any suggestion more than welcome ( p.s. I don't want to handle any monies and would rather a trust worthy entity does it ,we just want to cut through all the beauracracy /Bull Sheet ,and get life saving kit where it's needed .#N.U.R.S.E. Nurses .Urgently Require .Safety .Equipment .
    I'm not a social media person so if someone who knows there way around Twitter,Facebook ,snapchat etc please I implore you help us if you can . Speak to one of the crying nurses begging for kit and you'll be as hooked on helping as I am .Andy T .

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  6. 13:19 While I am a big fan of BCH and Roger Ver and I do think BCH provides more value then BTC, he's changing history here.

    When BCH initially forked from BTC, valuation of BCH was exactly the same as BTC. Then the bear market came.

    BCH pricing dropped a whole lot more than BTC and the miners followed. This had a huge run away effect and now BCH has a 3 percent valuation compared to BTC.

    Here's something to ponder. BCH and BTC are more or less the same except BCH is better. Doesn't that mean BCH is extremely cheap right now? Also when price of BCH goes up the miners will follow…

  7. Speed is nice. But a involuntary tax is not nice. Ingovernance beats speed IMO. I mean WHAT IF, the best version of Bitcoin has not yet been created? Love the utility of BCH, but not the governance thing. We have to look like 10y forward! Or what do you think? (I hold both coins btw)

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