EPIC: Bitcoin May Finally Get Schnorr! | Is The BCH Development Fund A Good Thing? | 10 ETH Giveaway

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EPIC: Bitcoin May Finally Get Schnorr! | Is The BCH Development Fund A Good Thing? | 10 ETH Giveaway

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  1. ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

    00:00 Introduction

    00:14 Market Cap Overview / Perspective / AltSeason

    03:33 Trevon James and HEX

    05:58 EPIC: Bitcoin May Finally Get Schnorr!

    08:53 Is The BCH Development Fund A Good Thing?

    10:55 PSA: Scammer

    11:43 10 ETH Giveaway

    12:53 Conclusion / Moving to Las Vegas


    ETH: 0x372A1B8D9debfF02CeE4819260acDAd5214Ee8F7

  2. Hex is a pyramid scheme – early people will love it and promote it so they can make money off the later people. Richard said he thinks the average crypto holder is an idiot (or something like that) and that they basically deserve to be scammed. I heard him say something like that on the interview. I don't believe anybody deserves to be taken advantage of personally.

  3. Lots of positivity around Eth at the moment!! – I think more and more people want to get 32 eth to be part of phase 0 later this year.

  4. Hey buddy how you been? Everything you've talking about here is already going on with the digibyte blockchain… Its not getting the respect it deserves.. Thoughts? Congrats on getting out of California I'm stuck here with my career hope crypto can change that

  5. Hey dude BCH is a better bitcoin, have you ever even used it. It’s cost is .0005 of a penny to send and it’s super fast. Just like BTC was in the beginning. Satoshi said bitcoin is P2P money.. not digital gold, not store of value. BCH you can buy coffee with. BTC cost you a dollar to send so a $3 cup of coffee is out of the picture

  6. Clarification… Shapeshift is giving away 1 ETH to 10 people = 10 ETH total in the give away… not giving 10 ETH to 10 people. Peace!

  7. Omar, the miner reward that would be redirected to the development fund of BCH would amount to US$ 6 million, not 219 million as you stated. Furthermore, a lot of the voices opposed to it in /r/btc seem to be new or recent accounts, and most likely part of them are paid by BCH's opponents to once again try to divide the community. OTOH, there are also legitimate concerns that need to be adressed.

  8. Why don't you experience HEX for yourself and decide for yourself if it's a scam or not?

    Give me an ETH address that is from a ledger nano s or a metamask Wallet and I'll send you 1000 hex.

    Then you can play with it on gambling apps, or stake it or trade it on uniswap or whatever.

    Oh and in 2.5 years when it becomes worth $1000 you have to give me 500 hex back. Right now 1000 hex is worth like a nickel.

  9. 10 people will exchange their KYC info for 1 ETH each, many more will fall for this and get nothing 🙁

  10. lol this muppet still giving trading advice, how broke do you need to get from trading before you just stop. seems he is right about the brain people forget this guy is clueless and should just stick with the news

  11. Hex is truly a work of art.

    Participating in pyra hex or hextew will most likely leave you with a decision to make:
    1. Sell at a loss
    2. Wait until someone else sells first (could take a while)

    But hex itself is simply beautiful

  12. Hi omar,
    You are doing a great! I know that you had attented many blockchain and other seminars for us to deleivered a good knowledge to us. I have learnt so much from you. I am always support you because I earned from your opnions in tha last bull run when eth 10 dollars. I remembered the word you did write skyrocket Eth. Again, you are doing a excellent.

  13. You contradict yourself when you believe in defi but don’t believe in hex. It’s a certificate of deposit. Eth is NOT the deposit, it is the trade. Then you deposit hex and earn interest on it. If you know anything about game theory you will be able to appreciate it more

  14. Bitcoin Cash BCH is dead. What a bunch of losers having to tax miners like that in the middle of the game. They cheated in the hash war VS. BSV as well. And with BTC going Schnorr, BSV is the last Bitcoin 100 public and open. The real BitCoin is BSV.

  15. Nice video – if you are sending ETH pls be kind enough to send some ETH to my address

  16. BCH has multiple node developer groups competing but BTC has mainly one – core. BCH and BTC are mined by the same mining pools, the only difference is that BCH has lower hashrate – that can change. The same miners mine both BTC and BCH so hashrate can migrate swiftly because they can switch quickly meaning both chains are decentralised.

  17. You're doing a crypto giveaway? If so, let me take a leap of faith. Perhaps I'll be blessed me with some!
    BCH: qz5jgp308xfmge0feylg6qme2ngmg2c07u3pqj3a6g

  18. You are sooo wrong about HEX! You have no idea how smart contracts works. Dude, I am unsubscribing. This is just wasting my time. I know you don’t care, I never donated to you.. just one guy that you pump me about smart cash when you personally promoted it andI lost money Fomo yin’s on that shit coin. You are so wrong about HEX!

  19. … Speaking of Alts
    ProTip: Type "Mithril Oreder I want MORE" in youtube search — best m*therf***ing song of 2020.

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