ENS Ethereum Domain Name System

ENS: Ethereum (Domain) Name System

The speak covers three facets of a proposed Ethereum area title system: the technical implementation of the recursive and modular lookup protocol (, the public sale facets for area registration and reselling (|″>ethereum/EIPs/points/26) and the potential assault vectors together with the suggestion resolution and future growth.


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  1. Unbelievable how popular the ENS already became just a few month after it's introduction. More than 1 billion Dollar in Ether are already deposited in order to secure a Ethereum name. Even secondary markets for the names exist: It feels like the second gold rush after the dot com boom.

  2. ens is a giant scam. its designed to make people fomo into ETH and chuck them into a contract for a long time to pump the price. also these conferences are cringe as fuck. they remind me of one-coin scam. sooner or later ETH is going to collapse just like the DAO.

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