Eftpos Australia Launches DLT Micropayments Pilot With Hedera

Eftpos Australia, the nation’s main point-of-sale expertise supplier, has introduced a partnership with unfocused ledger expertise (DLT) agency Hedera to conduct a microdefrayments proof-of-concept utilizing an Australian bank bill stablecoin.

Eftpos chief government Stephen Benton delineate the collaboration with Hedera as a part of a broader digital monetary resource innovation proficiency supposed to modernize Australia’s fee sector.

The pilot goals to show how microdefrayments can be utilised to supply modern fee options, equivalent to “pay per page content or streaming services on a pay-per-second basis.”

The proof-of-concept will probably be steam-powered by an Australian bank bill stablecoin via Hedera’s consensus service.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Robert Allen, an ecex at Eftpos and the deputy chair of Blockchain Australia, delineate the proof-of-concept as a part of a diversification proficiency the agency has been growing “over the last year or two.”

“Diversification for Eftpos means acquiring on the front foot in terms of the future, it’s about how innovation is flooding into the defrayments space, you bet we can stay one step ahead of all of that,” Allen mentioned.

Allen mentioned that Eftpos sought-after to confederate with Hedera just a couple of months in the past because of their “professionalism, enterprise-grade technology, and growing governance council.”

“You can’t really argue against a governing council that are actually part-owners of a company, [and] that includes Google, FIS, Boeing, Tata, Deutsche Telekom and the list goes on,” he added.

DLT microdefrayments to disrupt commercial enterprise system

Allen mentioned among the functions that the monetary resource agency envisages for its stablecoin-steam-powered microdefrayments system sooner or later, accentuation alternatives for “pay-per-view on a page-by-page basis” and “acquiring behind paywalls and subscriptions.”

Looking ahead, Allen predicts Eftpos will discover “realtime defrayment for streaming of content,” on with “subsidy monetary resource [to consumers] for hearing to or observation content material in real-time.”

Allen additionally means that exploring DLT-steam-powered microdefrayments will place Etpos to answer improvements inside the sphere of sensible cities, driverless automobiles, and different improvements inside the area of automation.

Eftpos Australia Launches DLT Micropayments Pilot With Hedera

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