Dolomite DEX To Launch Margin Trading With Stop-Loss Orders

Non-custodial localised trade (DEX) Dolomite introduced that on Nov. four it’s going to add a margin buying and merchandising with stop-loss orders.

The firm defined in a press launch shared with Cointelegraph that – whereas its present trade relies on the Loopring communications protocol – its margin buying and merchandising function will probably be constructed on the dYdX communications protocol.

Long and quick positions with cease orders

Per the discharge, the platform’s customers will have the power to take drawn-out positions with as a good deal like 5x leverage and quick positions with as a good deal like 4x leverage from their wallets. Furthermore, the agency in addition claims:

“Dolomite will also be one of the first localised exchanges to offer leveraged limit order trades, allowing a leveraged trade to fill only at a certain price. Dolomite is building off of the dYdX margin lending communications protocol, giving it access to over $30 million in lending liquidity.”

A trustless margin buying and merchandising communications protocol

Dolomite co-founder and CEO Corey Caplan defined in an unique remark to Cointelegraph that dYdX communications protocol permits the platform to “seamlessly work with any exchange to open and close positions” and is designed in a standard vogue. He mentioned that this brings a number of benefits to platforms make use of it:

“This allows Dolomite to capture the trade volume from users opening/closing positions. Users are also able to maintain a lower collateralization in comparison with other margin lending communications protocols, so users can trade with more leverage.”

Caplan in addition claimed that his platform is the primary one to combine with dYdX. Lastly, he defined that the chance to function restrict orders on the DEX arose ascribable the standard design of the communications protocol in query:

“Dolomite is also unambiguously offering Margin Protection which is a stop-loss function that will close your positions on Dolomite before they are liquidated by dYdX. This saves users from losing the totality of their margin deposit when they open a position. We were only able to add this feature in because of the standardity of their communications protocol.”

Given the axiomatic relationship between dXdY and localised stablecoin DAI (and the localised autonomous group behind it MakerDAO), Cointelegraph requested Caplan as an instance the main points of this collaboration. He admitted that he doesn’t know the main points, still the two methods are working collectively:

“We’re unsure of their relationship. However it’s likely good considering they are one of the biggest lending communications protocols encompassing DAI in the ecosystem. DAI is also central to dYdX’s lending liquidity and trade volume.”

As Cointelegraph reported in late October, enterpriser and crypto advocate John McAfee has argued for the significance of stablecoins for DEX adoption.

Dolomite DEX To Launch Margin Trading With Stop-Loss Orders

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