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  1. Thanks for posting this, Bo;
    much more enjoyable than the similar show with Greg Hunter last week.
    I have watched this twice, and shared with a dozen associates.
    I am on my third year as a subscriber to your crypto service; using your turn dates to my best advantage.

  2. Bo, out of the 6 cryptos you stated possible for 5x to 10x, can you please please share one. Thanks a lot. It means a lot for me.

  3. God but Trump in the white house because in high office of real mines of world. He sent more money than any body he has shut most places we are wearing mask. And shut JESUS CHURCH under trump

  4. Gold 2020 Forecast i have $50,000 to invest. is it better to own physical gold or gold backed digital currency??

  5. Great video, Bo knows! I believe Cryptos where created by the US military with the divine help of God to give God's people a way out of Fiat! It IS part of The Plan, Trust the Plan! WWG1WGA

  6. Grand Solar Minimum, Mini ice age, food shortage, the system controling food, many will starve. Control by the system depopulation. To receive the mark of the beast maybe the vaxx 06666, you will not be able to buy sell trade or travel. coming to a space near you very soon.

  7. I checked out where the dam break was and it was in Edenville, Eden where it all started, where creation began.

  8. I remember when almost all the polls showed Hillary leading Trump. They are rigged to try to brainwash the masses.

  9. May the
    Sacred Lotus of Divine Light
    Smile upon you with
    Divine Unconditional Love
    Peace, Joy, Happiness
    and Gratitude for gifts from Above
    Friendliness, Compassion, Good Health,
    Strength of Elephant
    Abundance, Freedom, Peace, Love and Joy
    Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Ecstasy, longevity
    And Fun

  10. MSM BS polls are …. BS Polls … TRUMP 2020 😎👍🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  11. this Rigged Stock Market will Crash Again ….BEFORE TRUMP GETS RE ELECTED AGAIN 😎👍🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  12. Thanks for you very interesting insights Bo, as always. Do you still think BTC making a new high for the year before end of May is in the cards?

  13. Crypto currency is a fools bet. It will be the currency of the beast system. I am surprised as Christian's you guys would promote this.

  14. I have totally prepared BUT I do believe in a pre Trib Rapture as well as a Mid Trib Rapture (this one no one knows day or hour)

  15. Looks like Bo is Trump's insider man and that's how he knows all about the things coming in future such as fake Aliens.

  16. US Debt Clock has Silver per 1 oz at over 3k and Gold per 1 oz at over 25k as of 05/26/2020 with US National Debt Clock at over 25 Trillion and this is not counting missing 21 Trillion and the addition bailout cost of 6+/-? trillion or the cost of unfunded liabilities. Gold and Silver is a class one asset! Jim Sinclair says min 50k and should be +/-87K taking total gold divided by total USD debt.

  17. What happens after Trump leaves office? Is there going to be a Trump dynasty, like we saw with the "Bush", Bush senior, Dubya, etc.

  18. when bicoins trading at 13,000 in a few weeks people are going to be losing their shit! and were going to $250k spring 2022

  19. I haven't seen a Bo Polny video in years, someone bring me up to speed…has he ever been right about anything? Or is it all mixing bible prophecy with speculation?

    If you say yes, please leave an example.

  20. I would love to believe that gold and silver will boom in value, the only problem is that it would make manufactured electronic components more expensive! Gold is the best conductor of electricity, that's why its widely used in phones,computers, tvs and vehicle electrical components. The same with silver, which is also used in solar cells, batteries and water purification. Yes, these metals were gods money in the past, if they were to raise in value, what would that mean for the price of end user consumables, among other things? If no one can afford to buy future products, what would that mean for the manufacturers? Has anyone noticed that the sudden burst in technology and innovation occurred not long after governments worked on suppressing the price of these and other precious metals?

  21. A big fan of Bo’s time line, and believe his heart is in the right place, but I’m no fan of Cryptos no matter how high the prices go up. Remain in precious metals because it’s the purest money (God’s money) that can’t be used to control us like digital currency. If precious metals are such a “barbarous relic”, then ask yourself why all the major nations of the world have stock piled at record pace since 2008.

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