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  1. Hi! I've been following this debate about the death of US dollar since 2016. Here's something I just thought of, and I would like to get y'all's opinion on that. I'm from Brazil – we've had hyperinflation several times during the 20th century and our country just recently just emitted a new $200 BR real bill, which is a bad sign. But here's the catch – if/when the US dollar hyperinflates it may be bad for the short term because it'll screw up the worldwide economic system. But can't the US simply do what we brazilians have done time and again? We simply made our national debt disappear by making the old fiat currency obsolete and create a new one. Whenever we hyperinflated, a new paper money currency was created to replace the old one. Problem solved – until it hyperinflates again.

  2. Just remember that conspiracy theory that the are crashing the economy on purpose will become conspiracy fact the minute they say "well, we did not know what to do, we couldn't fix it, so we had to go to a digital dollar.". At that moment please, no one deny that this whole entire covid 19 situation was done on purpose. If it wasn't done on purpose, then everything would go go back to the way it was…and….it's not going to.

  3. You people are idiots. You are basing gold's value on what? Wtf you gonna do with it when you need food and there are riots and no stores open. Your neighbor scoping out your property and planning to take you down so he can feed his kids? Forget gold. Arms, Ammo, food…fuel..all seem like very sound investments right now. A Tsunami of global economic Carnage is about to melt away every vestige of normalcy you hold dear. Wake up. Food, water treatment tools, protection, survival supplies, fuel. A dystopian technocratic revolution is about to consume this nation and your Hawking precious metals.

  4. Buy saleable goods needed in a depression. Gold is for fools. Ever try and sell gold? The people who have needed goods will prosper with whatever currency is active and they will control the price…no middleman. Buy goods

  5. Great video thanks. I wasn't particularly interested in gold and silver even though the thought had cruised my mind. I don't think it's such a bad thing to have a $300-$1000worth of these coins in my portfolio. Just a portion to hedge. I do agree though that the dollar will eventually collapse if we keep the way we're going. Got my first BTC portion the other day also. I'm excited. Cheers!

  6. Great video dollar is no longer backed by the gold standard or good credit! In your opinion what is the minimal ounces of Silver people should own?

  7. i hope this resession kills all money and we all enter the crypto age where all money isn't inflated like every countries shitty bills are

  8. Bought a few silver coins a while back at $17 I think. So it sounds like they're going up. Probably should've bought more than 4, though. Oh well…

  9. Awesome video but the only web-site that got me earnings is search in Google E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m

  10. I love you and this message but you should not be using coinbase!!! Message me to set up a zoom to do this right.

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