Daily Crypto News – Coinbase Patents = Evil? | Bitcoin Credit Card | MetaMask Wins! | Ethereum Fork

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Daily Crypto News - Coinbase Patents = Evil? | Bitcoin Credit Card | MetaMask Wins! | Ethereum Fork

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  1. ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

    00:00 Introduction / Corn ETFs / Piracetam

    06:40 Coinbase Patents = Evil?

    09:42 Decentralization (Self-)Reflections

    14:45 Ethereum Fork

    16:08 BlockFi Adding Support for Litecoin / USDC

    18:33 Bitcoin Credit Card

    20:09 Poloniex Hack / https://haveibeenpwned.com/

    22:40 Vanguard: Free Trades

    24:41 Gaming Subscription Services / Freemium Economics

    27:56 MetaMask Wins!

    30:31 Conclusion

    ETH: 0x372A1B8D9debfF02CeE4819260acDAd5214Ee8F7

  2. Did not know you had a parrot Omar . I have a african grey named Ekko, he is 26 year old, born i Norway.

  3. Omar , we haven’t seen your news in some days , things have been happening. I just heard that Mcafee has withdrawn his million dollar end of year prediction. Do you think this might frighten the banana head investors ?, triggering sell market orders ?

  4. Hey bro, the scam channels are hitting hard right now! There is a ton of live videos of mainly ethereum based channels that are hosting live ""airdrops" if you send me 1 eth I will send you 10 immediately back." The live videos are of Vitalik being interviewed in the past. Some of the channel names are Ethereum, Ethereum 2.0, Vitalik Buterin [Ethereum FOUNDER], Ethereum ETH US. Some of these channels have hundreds of thousands subscribers. There is also a channel called Binance doing the same thing but with binance coin. Please blast this out to the community so that more people can be aware we don't want anyone getting wrecked. Thanks bro!

  5. yea I've been getting those free Epic games. They were giving away 1 free game each day for 12 days over Christmas to New Years. I'm starting quite a collection on there even though I haven't played any of them yet lol, still busy with blade and soul.

  6. Good stuff, Omar. I love your authenticity! Yes, we need to focus on bringing in the people who actually need crypto. Do we really want the banks and centralized institutions to co-opt crypto?

  7. I have noticed this all day , seems live but it’s not . Something doesn’t seem right with this air drop of Btc sending . Seems like someone is getting very rich today , getting people’s coins who are hoping for free airdrops lottery.

  8. 😂😂😂 I have one word that describes these Crypto channels coming into 2020… EXCUSES!


    FYI: You’re going at a pretty fast speed talking. Kinda seems like you gave in to the dark side hahahaha

  9. Iceagefarmer is a great YT channel I’ve known about who gives accurate information on crop loss/Grand solar minimum if anyone wants to check it out.

  10. Exactly right Omar. There is no point putting a billboard in the middle of the desert until the desert is populated!

  11. I believe there's more than enough corn I live in Nebraska don't worry about it stop watching the global warming nuts.

  12. Yeah Omar, you are doing a lot more for decentralization speaking on YouTube, than you would be talking on a decentralized echo chamber! The decentralized video platform I've used, was too slow, I would use it if YouTube blocked Crypto info, but I prefer watching youtube because of the speed. With news the most important thing is freedom of speech and not decentralization. Although decentralization can help with press freedom, I won't choose a platform just because its decentralized. Banning "Fake News" is however a dangerous idea, because it really means someone controlling our news sources, and the thing is, every individual needs to decide themselves if something is fake or not, as soon as we hand over this responsibility to someone else, we place ourselves in the danger of 'sheep-like' thinking . I think the most important thing going forward, is for people to actually expose themselves to various opinions, and not only listen to people who we agree with, doing that does not help us develop critical thinking, and a sense for the truth.

  13. A friend put it well….The guy who invented the light bulb used a candle to do that….we can't go all in on decentralisation as it's not ready yet, we are a product of our environment

  14. it might not have been built to mine but i've been using metamask to mine hex coins… also mining weak hands in p3d using it…

  15. I rarely get to see these live and this is my first comment. I'm at the part of the video where you are sharing your thoughts around "walking the walk". People want us to "walk the walk" as if the new system is completely online and has worldwide adoption. There's a transition going on here. It benefits us to take advantage of all aspects of each system at play as this transition takes place. To me, someone asking me to adhere to an idealistic model to my detriment is a manipulation on their part. We all want money and the ability to utilize it to the best of our advantage.

  16. Hey mate personally id avoid these long-term untested smart drugs just stick to the simple stuff like caffeine and if you need a real reset go LSD or similar.

    or very low dose <5mg per day legal amphetamines (more risk)
    Once or twice a week tops to avoid addiction and tolerance.

    These are all tried and tested over long periods of time

    Love your channel and goodluck.

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