CryptoBeat: YAM Explodes, BCH May Fork AGAIN, And TOR Bitcoin Users Hacked!

What it is advisable to know for this coming week in crypto.

1:47 YAM surge and epic failure

9:20 Chainlink surge to high 5 cryptocurrency on

10:13 Business intelligence juggernaut “MicroStrategy” invests $250 million in Bitcoin

Instant funds for the FED: Why the monetary clearing home of America wants a whole overhaul, and why the present plan will not lower it.

32:20 Why there is perhaps ANOTHER BCH Fork in November

47:13 Twitter hack: 17-year-old arrested and charged, This week within the listening to hackers assault the Zoom session with a Porn bomb

53:04 TOR hacker steals Bitcoin in an enormous assault, stripping SSL encryption from anybody accessing a bitcoin web site

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CryptoBeat: YAM Explodes, BCH May Fork AGAIN, And TOR Bitcoin Users Hacked!

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  1. Crypto isn’t a tulip bubble, but that ChainLink might be. A crypto that is “an Oracle” that talks to other blockchains shouldn’t be #5. Yet here we are. No hate for the coin, but I don’t think this ends well.

  2. Yam? What's the acronym stand for? If it's only Yam, that alone is reason enough to ignore it… (nothing against yams.)
    Actually, I don't think much of the name Bitcoin either, but I held my nose and bought on the merits anyway.
    PS: Acronym – YAM – Yet Another Meme. Yup, definitely a buy. 🥴
    PPS: OK, now that we know what YAM is, who the hell is this newly-enlightened "MicroStrategy" who bought 0.1% of the BTC supply? – and how the hell did that not moon the price – and what weak hands were stupid enough to sell it to them? Weirdness everywhere…

  3. We don't want any scandals right now! I suspect that Ethereum are really worried that "DEFI" failures (half baked product or outright scam "DEFI" cash grabs) could damage the Ethereum reputation at a time they can least afford it. The ICO hangover is still lingering on the brand, high fees and long confirmation times are making users frustrated and questioning its position in the world… That's sad because the social values represented by the ETH team are worth saving.

    Eth 2.0 is a very challenging architectural path to take compared with leaner approaches by Cosmos, Polkadot and Avalanche which avoid the whole sharding real-time reorg problems. IF ETH can achieve such levels of decentralisation & performance scaling, then it sets them up in a unique way., but is the market patient enough to wait until it is done, and can the far flung distributed groups working on it pull off what many cannot? I hope they do.

    Corporate users thinking / piloting an integration of enterprise software with Blockchain via Ethereum will want to avoid being associated with wild west ecosystems. It really needs to stay squeaky clean from here on. If the Ethereum Alliance is tarnished, devs will follow paying customers out the door to alternatives (of which none are really mature, and all have trade-offs to consider).

  4. I think North America is finally realizing they're falling behind the cashless society model that China is pushing forward with.

  5. Ahhhhhh noooooooooo!!!! Just missssed Naomii!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢!!!! Awesome live stufffff 🙏🙏🙏🙏!!

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