Crypto Worldwide, Libra Alternatives, 50% Layoff, Banning Bitcoin & Prices Are Up

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Crypto Worldwide, Libra Alternatives, 50% Layoff, Banning Bitcoin & Prices Are Up

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  1. I don't trade, I invest in a crypto company that trades for us and returns profits on weekly basis for me and you can invest your capital and get weekly Returns of investment (ROI) without any extra fees attached

  2. TMI… in China… they don't swipe their cards… they're years ahead of us!

    They use #WeChat OR Code payment syatem… they're sorta like a big chinese version of Facebook Messenger! They're bank accounts are tied to that. They're literally a cashless society.

  3. It"s not that difficult to understand why Libra will never come into existence unless its grossly modified. The central banks all around the world are afraid of Libra because of the user base of FB. Government have control over its citizens because of money. If all of FB users started using a different currency other than fiat, there will be no need for a central bank as the value of fiat will diminish and government will lose their control/power of the people. Even if FB proceeds with their project, the platform will be banned by all countries.

  4. When we talk about things that delay crypto adoption do so few people take the importance of the petro dollar to the value of the USDA into account?

  5. Someone should clip all the ends of the videos where he says his patreon names and cut them together on a loop

  6. Thank you sending more positive vibe !!! It would be funny it the digitisation of the usd is a bluff i have a hard time considering the us being able to benifit from the transparency that cryptocurrency come with

  7. great video…. just for info, when you mentioned Slovenia and BTC city, the roundabout with BTC logo is also located in Slovenia in city Kranj 😊 visit us sometime

  8. Hallo TMI!

    Is there any reccomendations from you specifically in regards to free bank accounts that i can take a look at (And of course its not financial advice 😋)




  9. What do you think of McAfee's latest statement on bitcoin saying it's old technology etc. After his 1m prediction.? I think his reputation just got another kick after that.

  10. So increasing hash rates has no positive influence on the price being that the price was $20k when the hash rate was 7x less than it is today.

  11. Bitcoin/Crypto discussions in mainstream media and everyday conversations almost non-existenent here in South Carolina,USA. IMO this is BULLISH as awareness will grow like WILDFIRE as time passes and prices move up. Accumulation of Sats a Top Priority for me. THANK YOU MODERN INVESTOR FOR BEING HERE. I share your work on a regular basis.

  12. Why is everybody so afraid of China? Who made you think of China as a thread? Have you ever been to China? Do you know China? Think! If you have brains at all in that big skull of yours.

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