Crypto Whale, Andy Peters, On Making The Shift To Forex – Click right here for full interview + present notes

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35:55 If youre going right into a 5-9, in a enterprise that has 5000 staff, youre doing what 5000 different persons are doing. Do one thing totally different.

41:16 You should detach your self from cash.

42:10 Theres completely no approach you may lose in case youre following the principles that you simply set for your self.


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Crypto Whale, Andy Peters, On Making The Shift To Forex

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  1. Love the content with traders but way too much advertisement, this channel should be called the advertise channel, too much is too much, one in the beginning one in the middle and one at the end is about the max, in your videos is about 6 or so, very anoying, some vids don't even look until the end when the "sponsor" tip comes again

  2. Missing out on buying bitcoin isn’t like buying bitcoin and spending it on stupid shit I really feel bad for this guy my uncle did the same shit he paid for hotels flights watches with his bitcoin profits and now a normal flight that he paid for with Bitcoin amounts to a fucking private jet flight if not more but You can’t let that ruin you and you must look for the next opportunity

  3. Bro you knowing so much I would really really like to know how many trades do you take in a month on forex, and how many of them are winners and if you are happily profitable ?

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