Crypto Trading Tip 3: Stop Limit Orders Explained – Coinbase Pro & Binance

In this sequence of movies, I’ll be exhibiting you some crypto buying and selling ideas. And on this video, I present you find out how to create a stop-limit order to purchase or promote Bitcoin, or different cryptocurrencies.

And I present you the way to do that on 2 of the preferred crypto buying and selling platforms; Coinbase Pro and Binance.

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Crypto Trading Tip 3: Stop Limit Orders Explained - Coinbase Pro & Binance

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  1. So can someone tell me whether this is possible to be done with a sell limit order? I guess this should work… if I use a stop limit sell… I can set a stop limit to prevent further loss of funds correct?

  2. Does Coinbase Pro automatically deduct those maker and taker fees? or is there a bill with a bunch of fees from the month that have to pay all at once?

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  4. I would've liked it if you had of shown the sell side of things. I'm most interested in knowing if I can set it up so that I can do a stop limit order then go to bed without worrying too much about a big loss.

  5. So I was with you until 1:58 when you said "Triggered"….are you saying the order will be triggered to open at the stop price or close?

  6. Is there any way I can put both Sell order and Stop loss order at same time in Coinbase Pro? Here is with example, Let's say, I buy BTC at $1000, and I wanted to sell at $1200 (with $200 profit) which is actually a sell order, at the same time to protect my capital, I want to place my Stop loss order too at $900 (with $100 loss), so that if market comes down, I'll exit with $100 loss, if market goes up, will take the profit of $200. At a given time, either we can place Sell order or Stop loss order but not both at the same time in single order as i mentioned in above example. Can someone help how can I place this in single order?

  7. I keep searching YT as I'm learning and almost every time one of your videos pop up. So far you have all my questions covered! Great content. You're very thorough.

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  9. Im trying to understand the difference between stop and limit orders. They kinda sound the same and with the same sure im missing something but i dont get the difference. It seems like the stop "trigger" is an extra step that doesnt effect how u sell/buy..sorry. if anyone can explain, that would be great. Haha

  10. Hey I got a sales open order on coinbase pro I am trying to cash out it doesn't let me close my order and it says sell order it has my money on hold please click the link where I show my video explaining the description and can you please comment

  11. lol. thank you for explaining this in an easy to understand logical way. i was getting aggravated trying to understand stop/limit price

  12. Whats the difference between stop limit and limit then….seems like limit is the same thing set buy limit… at that price

  13. pls admin , i can't find any refrence code on the wire instruction to my coinbase pro account kindly advice me , should i proceed with the transfer

  14. Hi, Thanks for the video. I followed the tutorial and tried placing a Stop Sell order (for confidentiality I ll explain the situation I ran into as an example). Lets say I have 10 units of XYZ currently priced at 1$ a unit. Now I am placing a Stop Sell order such that if the price reaches 0.91$ (Stop Price) , sell all 10 units(Max) at $0.90 (Limit Price). After a while, I see the order goes to Fills from Open Orders. My portfolio should now reflect the 0.90$ * 10 units = 9$, but it is not. Do u guys know why?

  15. bad thing is price keep going up and down by large margins in short time frames…so i think placing several small buys or sells (laddering) is a better option imo

  16. hello expert please sing in my linke in this platforme Japanese it is for exhange crryptocurency and now has create new platforme integred for trading future actual trading and simulation please explaine my how create order buy or sell take profit and stop losse thanks

  17. Thanks for this amazing video. I have a question; i am confused between limit and stop limit, techniqally i know the difference. But my question is if btc price is 1000$ i can put buy limit at 1200 $ what is the need to use stop limit and say if price reach 1150$ put buy limit at 1200$? I hope u abswer me

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  19. Hi and thanks for a great intro to the Crypto Trading world. Very informative and you have a clear voice 👌🏻. 
    Could you please make a short video were you explain what to look for in the charts and how to read all the information within it. 
    There is so much going on and I find it hard to understand. 
    Thanks 🙏!

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