Crypto Mining Container Tour – New design for worldwide transport

This is an operational crypto mining facility in-built transport container and designed to ship internationally. This container was licensed for loading on a container ship earlier than buy, there aren’t any holes within the container.

The design parameters have been for portability and ease of upkeep – this model has 210 miners in operation.

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  1. Thank you for your videos. I wanted to buy a couple of ASICS more specifically the Whatsminer M20 S. Can you direct me to some Legit places to purchase them individually or in bulk. So that I won't get scammed! Thanks for your response and time.

  2. Just a small little questio if I may Ralf : why not using summersive liquids I looked into 3M and the prospects are good at cutting down costs of electricity !And for 200 servers you would need only 2 fishtanks so you could put a lot more waffels in one container ?!? Just s thought 🙂

  3. Very informative! Complete beginner but got a little stuck on the maths, would appreciate if someone could see me straight:
    1200 amp, 208V 3 phase transformer
    3 x 400 amp Panels
    30 amp L6R receptacles and then to PDUs
    210 miners
    1450W per miner
    1450/208 = 7 amps per miner
    50 Outlets to 210 miners
    (he mentions 5000 amp outlets at 1:50, unsure on this?)
    that would be 4 miners per outlet, at 30 amps per outlet that allows for 28 amps, I thought you were only supposed to operate at 80% or is this only home circuits? As I mentioned, I'm a beginner so I'm sure I'm missing something, if someone could clear this up for me that would be great, thank you.

  4. Thanks for another informative video. I have a question if you don't mind. During the hot months, what is the highest ambient temperature inside the container that you will run up to until you have to shut everything down?

  5. What I'd really love to see is an overview (brief or comprehensive… your choice, of course 🙂 ) of how one goes about choosing a commercial lease/rental location, types that are desirable for mining, and what to watch out for in contracts.

  6. The timing of this video couldn’t be better. My wife and I have been planning a container buildout for 6 months and are ready to begin. Lots of cheap containers here in Texas. Yours sure is pretty though! We bootstrap the heck out of our buildouts. No way our stuff looks that pretty!! It all works though. Thanks for the ideas Rolf. Our first one will be cut and vented for cost. We’re never gonna move it with servers inside and mounted. I’ll send ya some pics.

  7. Excellent content; like a true BOSS. I use a 12'X30' detached garage for my rigs that this floor plan will work perfectly. So, there is a tad bit more room than in your standard size NATO Connex. The only thing that might of made this vid better is a general parts used list in the discription. I have to say, it is starting to feel like the old days again when the players were more of a community trust of knowledge; which I have recently seen some OG's becoming more active again on Github and Reddit writing new tools for those without coding or compiling skills.


  8. That is just awesome Rolf!! Love the design and how you addressed the cooling and power. Would love to hear the details on the build itself and some of the challenges you ran into!!!

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