Crypto May Have Its Amazon Second After Coinbase Debuts: DA Analyst

Gil Luria, D.A. Davidson analyst, has given Coinbase its first purchase ranking. The analyst writes the cryptocurrency trade goes to have its “Amazon moment” with the upcoming direct itemizing of Coinbase. He joins ‘Closing Bell’ to debate. Subscribe to CNBC PRO for entry to investor and analyst insights on crypto and extra:

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Crypto May Have Its Amazon Second After Coinbase Debuts: DA Analyst

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  15. coinbase will be listed and it will pump 2x then slowly g back to the 50 billion evaluation but that will depends on how high btc fly

  16. Check Coingeek: But despite Craig being the real-world figure behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym credited with inventing Bitcoin back in 2008, Craig is not part of the Association, a decision that was intended from day one to demonstrate that no single individual controls BSV.

  17. This guy is severely misinformed. If Ethereum fails Coinbase is toasted. 98% of Coinbase tokens/coins are built on Ethereum.

  18. The Demise of Bitcoin is Beginning

    "A major Chinese bitcoin mining hub is shutting down its cryptocurrency operations"

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  20. Falsehoods right off the bat!!……probably not intentional, but coinbase only supports a a tiny portion of the much larger arena of coins…….there will be many coins that will skyrocket(and crash) completely outside their domain…..

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