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Let’s evaluate our passive revenue earnings with cryptocurrency utilizing the app and the way YOU can get $50 FOR FREE in crypto by utilizing our referral code + MANDATORY MCO to CRO conversion! Sub to VoskCoin –

Learn how we’re utilizing Crypto Earn to stake common cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, Chainlink, MCO, and CRO together with the $50 code right here –

Download the CryptoCom APP (not their on-line alternate) with this hyperlink or use our code VOSKCOIN and full the sign-up phrases to unlock $50 in cryptocurrency!

We just lately reviewed how we’re incomes $2,000 a month in passive revenue in cryptocurrency! This is with Energi NRG staking AND staking utilizing the CryptoCom Earn app reviewed on this video –

I’m critical after I say that utilizing the app has been an absolute breeze, simply shopping for, promoting, and buying and selling cryptocurrencies however above all it is simple to stake these crypto cash for passive revenue starting from 3% to 18%! The staking rewards are paid out weekly, IN THE COIN YOU STAKE, which is absolutely cool and unusual in comparison with many related apps and exchanges that got here earlier than CryptoCom. We are staking Crypto CRO cash, Ethereum ETH, Cardano ADA, Chainlink LINK, Tezos XTZ, USDC USD stablecoins, beforehand MCO cash, and plenty of others simply within the app. CryptoCom has determined to retire the MCO coin and blockchain, so you will want to transform your MCO to CRO cash, and in case you do that early you will get the 20% swap bonus — this will provide you with a further 20% of CRO cash for the swap! The solely caveat is that these cash will probably be locked in staking for six months, so you can be incomes passive revenue rewards with them however unable to promote them till that lock-up interval expires. We additionally reply the highest questions that now we have been receiving about’s app reviewing how they earn cash, and are capable of provide a number of the highest rates of interest in cryptocurrency. We additionally evaluate the VISA debit card tiers and the related advantages with them, the Ruby is the very best starter card after which the Jade and Indigo playing cards let you obtain a greater return on funding ROI in your cash in Crypto Earn, which is mainly staking/lending.

Links! CRO NEW staking necessities – MCO to CRO staking profit retained –

CryptoCom MCO to CRO MANDATORY conversion information –

Crypto App VISA debit card ranges & advantages – CEO Kris Marszalek profitability assertion –

How does earn cash & work? – CRO cryptocurrency coin marketcap –

Evaluating decentralized finance DeFi staking and lending profitability, reviewing our profitability and finest investments in cryptocurrency –

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VoskCoin is for leisure functions solely and is rarely supposed to be monetary funding recommendation. VoskCoin owns or has owned cryptocurrency and related {hardware}. VoskCoin might obtain donations or sponsorships in affiliation with sure content material creation. VoskCoin might obtain compensation when affiliate/referral hyperlinks are used. VoskCoin is house of the Doge Dad, VoskCoin is just not your Dad, and thus VoskCoin is rarely chargeable for any selections you make.

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  1. People are earning on this platform with jasonmaddison2020 and it's amazing and a lesson to everyone that is here and not participating.

  2. I've been investing with a platform easily understandable for rookies and you can watch your investments grow. Contact JASONMADDISON2020 to be part of this global firm

  3. People are earning on this platform with jasonmaddison2020 and it's amazing and a lesson to everyone that is here and not participating.

  4. We all know that the US government is a bunch of lying pricks with every laws they make or made up just to gain control over us the people when will people learn that?

  5. Trading is exciting, educating and will get to offer you lots of opportunities if you go into it with the proper guidance.

  6. Hey Vosk, i decided to take your advice on staking a coin at Given that I know your Canadian audience is only around 5% of your viewers. I just wanted to state how relatively easy the process was from my standpoint. I've joined many of these sites and usually when it comes to the payment portion it never goes through because I'm Canadian and they don't mingle with American banking systems to well. Anyways, it's exciting for me. $50 bucks is really $65 for me. And I'd do just about anything for a free case of beer and small chunk of change. Cheers!

    This deal will be over by November 2020 if your lagging on this.

  7. I would not use do plenty of research They have plenty of glitches and through no fault of your own they will then lock you out of your account never to get back in so you will lose money And crypto

  8. Am not good in this BTC thing, since i met kyle.hackss on IG my Btc keep mining from tkme to time 😍💯💯

  9. Am not good in this BTC thing, since i met kyle.hackss on IG my Btc keep mining from tkme to time 😍💯💯

  10. Hey man I am going back and fourth with my friend about this and wondering if you can answer it for me quicker than support can. Basically he's saying that to get the highest return of 18% back on 10k+ CRO through the Earn tab, that you have to first stake 10k CRO on the third tier visa card. Any response is appreciated 🙂

  11. Grab it before it's too late and don't regret not taking action while you had rime like bitcoin in its early days
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    Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 7 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (hiujju) as your invitation code.

  12. The CRYPTO.COM credit card is not working, when I upgraded my card the money from my old card did not carry forward and no one gets back to me, I got stuck out in the cold.

  13. So in order to participate in the syndicate you now have to have traded 5k on the exchange in the last 30 days.

  14. Yo vosk, I've been here since the beginning, +3 years plus. doesn't seem to be a honest company, I expect to see something similar to bitconnect happen to it. I wouldn't want anything bad happen to you because you are promoting them, might want to reconsider your position with that company. Take care dude.

  15. Can someone assist me lol. Really not sure how to go about getting off nicehash. I don't want to contribute to 51% attacks. Is this the wallet I want? The only reason I haven't left is I don't know how. There are so many unknowns it's hard to pick, and separate what from what. I have a coinbase wallet but can it take mining payments? What wallets do you use to get mining payments? Looking for safety, low fees, 2fa, accessibility to paypal / coinbase to paypal. I know I am just a fucking idiot here I know this, but please ELI5. You could totally make a video, "how to get off nicehash" and people starting out like me would eat it up. Learning all of this but it looks like nicehash and by extension me, were used to facilitate an attack on a crypto and its miners. I take offense. Please help me choose a safe way to get paid in eth (dagger) / raven (kapow) I think those are the 2 I am mining atm through nicehash. TYIA.

  16. i appreciate everything you have done for me miss Patricia raul and i just need to share the good news to the
    world few month before the pandemic i knew nothing about forex or crypto trading till you to taught me how to go about it today i make a minimum of $5000 weekly and its growing with time

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  19. Not Free $50 lol you have to stake for them to add this also is $50 fee to close the technically is not free. Not trying to be rude but we call that fake statement. I know we all need money with this pandemic but being truthful God makes you rich

  20. I enjoyed the video and did love using the jade green card and earning weekly staking rewards, but this quick swap, out with the old and in with the new has lost my faith in them, it now costs more to get less rewards then I was already getting, would be good to point out some of these red flags 🚩 that have been going on with

  21. Here a different experience with, its not good at al support takes months to answer to one question. Waiting for the card for months now. The App is useless and only frustration, and think you present this to good to your viewers a lot have huge problems with You should look in to all problems they having.

  22. After a sharp downside correction, bitcoin price remained stable above $10,500 against the US Dollar. BTC started a fresh increase and climbed above the $11,000 resistance zone. Bitcoin is currently trading above 11,000 which is a bullish move looking back at its price history for the year. Trading bitcoin has been a major concern for myself and lots of new crypto traders out there. With my encounter with Allen Albert, I have understood that its way better to trade than hold with the hope for a price surge which might go reversal. I have been able to make use of signals to trade on my personal trading account, and the use of his signals have gone a long way in building my trading knowledge and my trading portfolio is a proof of that. We can learn to trade personally under careful guide from experts with experience working for them. Albert can be reached for assistance and signal services on watspp (+44 7380 356836) or telygram (alberttrade) . A good trader is measured by the accuracy of his trading signals

  23. So wat about "not your keys, not your coins"?
    And Bitconnect also did have a top #10 position at CMC🤔🤫😉

  24. Hi! I have .0018 worth of Bitcoin in my wallet, I don't have anymore source of income to continue this. At first I wanted to use the earn on the app but I needed at least .025 and don't have money. so anyone wanted this? I know it's just small but I needed money. Just pm me I guess for anyone who wanted to buy it. I won it in a giveaway btw.

  25. Hey Guys – hope everyone is good today! I need some new cables and i cant for the life of me find where to get them from. I need an 8 pin from my power supply to my graphics card – 8pin and 6pin – all females connections – anyone know good supplier out there?

  26. another youtuber i will have to block for pushing the scam site on people so you can make some money off it, i wonder if you will apologise when this hole thing blows up after what they have done

  27. is a scam , with 50 mco you got 1/700,000 of the pie , after the swap 50 mco gets u -1250 cro which is 1/80,000,000 of the cro supply , in short your share was 114 time bigger with mco . on top of that they have been reselling the mco stake from every user for the past few months totalling 5 mil mco sold on binance and used the free money to pump cro , this was planned a while ago likely when cro was created , it is fraud and you have been scammed !

  28. What happens if we staked 50 MCO for the ruby card and its locked up for another 100 days???? Will they just convert those to CRO automatically?
    EDIT: I just went into the app and converted that 50 MCO to CRO and got the 20% early conversion bonus too. Was easy.

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