Coinbase Hit With Lawsuit Over Bitcoin Cash Insider Trading – Coinbase To List XRP This Coming Week?

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Coinbase Hit With Class Action Claiming Insiders Benefited From ‘Bitcoin Cash’ Launch.The firm is accused of tipping off staff to the launch of buying and marketing in Bitcoin Cash on its alternate, permitting common traders to be ripped off. Coinbase is including 90 new assist brokers on March fifth, additionally Coinbase president and Ripple CEO will likely get on CNBC Fast Money on Tuesday March sixth.

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  1. Hey Tony, thx for great updates. Did your overal video quality got better recently? At least camera seems smoother, and content seems more crisp. Keep up the good work.

  2. Insider trading = prison. Ask Martha Stewart. My suspicion is Coinbase put their foot in it again prior to adding XRP in December (with rumors of same) and had to quickly backtrack by claiming to have "no plans at this time". With the honchos of both companies appearing Tuesday, the inevitable "will they or won't they?" buzz will liven the segment, and it's possible they may just ink an agreement prior to air time for maximum effect. Otherwise, the only topic of conversation will be why Coinbase has not yet signed the 3rd largest crypto, and what Ripple is doing to change that. Either way will be a fun time.

  3. I don't think Coinbase will announce any new listings yet but I guess Coinbase, now more than before, feels the sense of urgency with the Circle takeover of Poloniex.
    However only Coinbase and Ripple have been granted both New York Bitlicenses, so synergy between the parties seems evident.
    I'm not underestimating the impact and increase of value for XRP once listed on Coinbase as it will shift a significant amount of fiat into the XRP token but I do think the exponential growth will only happen when big financial institutions and corporations like FANG start adopting xRapid, only then, hopefully, will our wild dreams be matched by the charts 😉

  4. bitcoin cash and other bitcoin copy cat sh*t coins to make some people reach, hope to be a good lesson for Coinbase to not add sh*t coins on their platform and fool people

  5. Wouldn’t it be ironic if during the interview they ask garlinghouse if xrp will be added to coinbase and he says no and then the price of xrp drops 30%

  6. I highly doubt they are gonna send 90 new agents on their first week of the job to deal with new coins being added If they had any sense they would wait till their new hires are competent to do their jobs before adding on new coins etc

  7. Frickin coinbase. I knew they were pulling some shyt up their ass. I never liked coinbase anyway. I hope they get sued for hundreds of millions for this crap. Frickin scumbags. They're so damn rich and still they wanna end up screwing so many people over. I hope they get it all the way up in their ass. Thanks for the news. You the man.

  8. I think it will be one the first ones added but u never know i read an article saying they won't add it because of a bunch of reason but I have faith

  9. I knew they wouldn't just announce it on CNBC tuesday with the preisdent of Coinbase and Brad Garlinghouse. Monday sounds exactly right but 90 agents meaning 85 new coins on coinbase… We'll see March 5th is monday people!

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