Coinbase CEO Asks Which Coin To Add Next, Impersonator, EOS World Expo, How To Vote For A Proxy

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO, asks what asset needs to be added subsequent. Lets get EOS added!


Scammer tries to impersonate me:


EOS World Expo – San Francisco, April 13-14.



How to simply vote for my proxy utilizing Scatter:


(login with Scatter and click on vote by proxy. Its that simple)

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Disclaimer: The views expressed on this video are strictly my very own and are to not be construed as buying and selling recommendation. Do not purchase, promote or in any other case commerce cryptocurrency based mostly on the content material of this video. I’m merely sharing what I’ve finished and what I’d do in varied conditions as an academic software solely.

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Coinbase CEO Asks Which Coin To Add Next, Impersonator, EOS World Expo, How To Vote For A Proxy

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  1. Colin I got an email, It has your pic on it and Colin talks crypto, about thanking us for being subscribers and then sharing some investment advice, and asking to respond if I am interested or not. I respect you and your channel a lot and that’s why I’m asking is that you or someone is still trying to scam people with your name? Thanks!

  2. Hey colin great job with the video ! I just set a proxy with you ! Great job ! Thanks for helping the eos community!

  3. Hey Colin, probably somewhere better to ask you this but if you could move to any region or city in Florida which would it be and why? Also, are mosquitoes less of a problem in certain areas? Sorry for the off-topic question and I love what you're doing brother keep up the great work thank you

  4. said it a long time ago. Coinbase is heavily invested in ETH. Why promote their competitors.
    They would be taking money out of their own pockets.

  5. I wouldn't worry Coinbase add EOS or not. The later seems the better because underappreciated and undervalued EOS will provide a solid ground to prove projects adoption consistency regardless if there not much hype out there except from within EOS community sphere. Once all the foundation set solid, entire perceptions on EOS will alter like tsunami, unstoppable like BTC or ETH at it hyper hype moment.

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