Cashing Out Crypto Gains On Exodus Wallet, Atomic Wallet, & Godex.io | NO KYC Required!

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Wallet Investor: https://walletinvestor.com/converter/digibyte/tether/3000

Exodus: https://www.exodus.io/

Atomic: https://atomicwallet.io/

Godex Referral Link: https://godex.io/?aff_id=tTERtHwTRPOwULXd&utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=c1s&utm_campaign=tTERtHwTRPOwULXd

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Exodus Wallet [1:02]

Atomic Wallet [3:50]

Godex [6:08]

Closing Thoughts [9:40]

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Cashing Out Crypto Gains On Exodus Wallet, Atomic Wallet, & Godex.io | NO KYC Required!

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  1. 8% fees for a trade..stock market charges 10-20$ a trade……8% on 1,000,000—$8o,ooo trade!!!…or trade on coindesk trading platform and pay .1% per trade

  2. The exchange example you have with Godex was very high, like 6%. That's a rip off! out of those 2 wallets, Atomic is the lesser price wallet to exchange within. Even then, you should use it to randomly trade out coins or tokens because the fees will sack you!

  3. You said when you cash out you were going to top up to one of your cards. How do you do that? I thought thats what the video was about from the title. And you didnt even show us how to do it.

  4. Thanks for the video. From my experience with different crypto wallets, Atomic Wallet seems to be the best. You can use it to stake, buy crypto with bank cards and exchange many pairs in one place.

  5. Cool video. I have used Exodus and Atomic due to their altcoin variety, but the fees are killer. Exodus UI is nice, and their stacking rates are nice.

  6. sir
    im here in phils. im a little confuse afzer converting to usdt i will transfer the same usdt to my dollar account to get the money?

  7. Great video man 👌. I have used both atomic and exoduos wallet. Both are good but exodous wallet has some bugs in android. I would recommend only using these wallets desktop versions because they are way more stable and bug free. No idea how they work on IOS though 🤷🏻‍♂️. Anyways will check out the third one you mentioned soon 🙃. Thanks for the video 🙃👌

  8. 1) The Exodus 10% fee is WAY higher than the usual 0.2-1.5% on normal exchanges
    2) Why would a wallet be better than tax-oriented services (CoinTracking etc) for tracking your investments? Tax sites will import from any exchange, wallet and they generate the tax info for you
    3) Handling transfer fee is very annoying on many sites. If you want to send 3000 DGB, there should always be a simple check box: "Take fee from transferred amount" or "Add fee to transferred amount" (so you send 3000 DGB exactly). Very simple but I don't most sites doing it.

  9. Great content as usual 😀
    The mobile wallets are safer on iPhone or android phones? What’s your thoughts please?

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