Crypto Frogger again once more to hit ya bois with the freshest information u ever heard on the blockchain dont neglect to like and hug the sub button!

Somewhere over the rainbow, a boy is discovering what he wants. This place is void of that, and solely additional decay rests past this.

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  1. we all laughed at India being super power by 2020, those pajeets were all IQ 200 from the start. China crumbles to her knees from Corona, the rest of the world will be bleeding as a result from China's downturn in her economy/export. Meanwhile, Life will go on as usual in India, while the rest of the world goes into anarchy as toilet papers are running dry.

  2. "you might be smarter than the next retard to invest in the ponzi", thats some wise words of encouragement right there fren. side note, boomers like jsnip4 are back at it again, shilling linkies, Weiss crypto rating rated linkies at numero uno, im seeing a trend that stinky linky might be one of those that may captivate the boomer share.

  3. I know some will take this too seriously but you're quickly becoming the crypto parody legend. Crypto needs more humor and this is it chief.

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