Cardano More Secure Than Bitcoin, Goguen Smart(er) Contracts, ADA Price Analysis

In this video, we talk about the important thing variations from Bitcoin’s Proof of Work consensus and Cardano’s Proof of Stake. We additionally speak about Goguen and the way sensible contracts can be completely different from platforms like Ethereum. #Cardano #Bitcoin #Goguen

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Cardano More Secure Than Bitcoin, Goguen Smart(er) Contracts, ADA Price Analysis

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  1. Stupid clickbait it doesnt even make any sense to compare them in that way! Honestly how can you even write that..

  2. Akropolis ($AKRO) is currently the most undervalued De-Fi gem. They will launch Sparta2.0 and Delphie network next month.

  3. What amount of ada should I buy to live the easy life in the future ? I just started.. got vet, plair, dgb, en now ada 1.8k

  4. It's a Good sign to see other coins making big moves, I have seen a lot of these go up 30% or 50% in a day. That means There’s a lot of action going on behind the scenes in crypto and not just in big things like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It shows that people are willing to buy up the smaller ones. They are bullish on crypto. But yet investing Bitcoin can do no wrong. It is a currency that is free of central bank control, is decentralized, and it has proven that it can serve as a store of value for people who lose trust in their national currency (Greece, for example). My only advice for investors and new bees is to take advantage of Tyler Alexander’s program, a pro trader who is is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I was able to boost my portfolio to 9 BTC and still counting by day trading and listening to Instructions and Advice from him, you can also earn well and better if you're patient and ready to learn from him. You can reach him via Te le gram @ Tylertrade 14

  5. Good news for Bitcoin and Litecoin below and for Litecoin development overleaf.

    Mimblewimble Privacy/fungibility update due for testnet in September..⌛️..⏰

  6. Staking on Cardano is not profitable for hodlers. It's promout and giving superb gains only for stake pool operators! unfortunately

  7. The staking reward 4.6 % is considerably less compared to other coins …need to improve …ADA is my favorite still …goal should be realistic …book the profit once u hit the target 🎯….

  8. Invest your crypto and quit worrying about price fall or rise, As for me I'm learning to trade with cheif Arsh and so far my crypto has been increasing massively. You can reach him for help…

  9. Own a Bitcoin 1st before u start loading the rest of 57hundred coin. In 2013, there was only handful of youtubers and barely none mentioned on any social media. Now, even a guy that do videos on chicken laying eggs promoting garbage coin and think its better than Bitcoin. Only a cryptographer know what is Bitcoin and a blockchain the rest are just talking garbage that they think they know😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Did you know you are using the same Audio as DAI on your intro??????
    You can,,, just cheesey to use the same audio as another Chanel

  11. why is Youtube recommending such bullshit click bait? Bitcoin and Cardano are totally different assets. This video is nonsense

  12. I will be a MULTI MILLIONAIRE soon with my stack of 500,000 ADA

    ADA to $25-50 by end of Year 2022 🎆 🎆 🎆

    Cardano ADA is King 🎆 🎆 🎆

  13. Bitcoin’s clear out performance against all other assets in presence shows you the great potentials of the asset, Yes bitcoin is too great for just hodling because it’s a source of wealth generation, Capital generation for other investments and currently we are at the verge of a great bull run one like no other seen before. So now’s the time to accumulate and increase your holdings in other to have more than enough coins when the bulls kick in. Bitcoin is the best performing asset but my biggest asset has been Brian Christopher because with his accurate signals being executed in my trades I trade I hold a certain amount of profit and then reinvest the rest into my real estate business. He is a well seasoned and expert trader and with his guidance and signals I have accumulated over 9 btc from my initial .09 btc. In gratitude to his diligent services, I am generating awareness of his program and offering investors alike the same opportunity to stay profitable. Making profits as an investor is imperative add Brian Tele-gram: @Briantrading15 } happens to be the best man for the job.

  14. You say that in BTC hits 80.000$ then cardano can hit 1$.. So that means you think cardano will keep the same value as now when and if BTC is 80.000$, sorry to say but your analysis is pure ignorance. Cardano will be a huge hit or a big fail, if everything goes the right way you will be very surprised to see the Cardano market cap be A LOT higher than you think. Cardano is huge risk, but not for the issues you mentioned in your video. I am heavy invested in this token and project, and my hands are not shaking.

  15. Start loading them bags now , or forever regret it , 500,000 and growing , Just waiting to buy my mansion in the hills next to Kanye West

  16. I have a question. Lets say you have 1 Million ADA on 19.07.2020. and the price goes to $1 by 31.12.2020.
    1. Why wouldn't you sell out your ADA take the cash and invest in something else and make more money?
    2. why would you like staking your ADA with lets say a 10% annual return?

    Can somebody plz explain

  17. The smart thing to do is hold when dump buy A shit load of Ada Weekly income and compound interest you can but that!

  18. Great job!!! I’ve said this all along; There’s going to be a massive shift of ETH investors moving into Ada

  19. Not sure if you have already… but could you do a video covering what we need to do to prepare for the hard fork… Do we need to exchange tokens or just update wallet? What if I have it on a wallet other than Daedalus? I have a decent bit of ADA and do not want to f something up during the fork.

  20. I setup a pool yesterday just for fun..then not 12 hours later the chain was changed I'm gonna wait till mainnet is running for a bit. Lot of work to update the server when its changing every other day. Thanks for the vid. I think if bitcoin can remain steady wec will go up but looking atvthe charts it looks like we are heading for a big move down for bitcoin.

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