Buying a $800 Pre-built Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mining Rig? Coinmine One Review

Should you purchase a pre-built btc cryptocurrency mining rig? The reply relies upon, lets overview the Coinmine One and talk about the standing of gpu mining in 2019 and the profitability of it!

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Very sturdy opinions have been expressed on Coinmine One which is the most recent pre-built mining rig providing. Some distinctive elements actually set the Coinmine One aside from different mining rigs similar to its distinctive case, works on wifi out of the field, built-in ios and android apps to make use of, monitor, and retailer your cryptocurrency mined, oh and in addition the value tag! Coinmine can be working to construct full Bitcoin lightning nodes into these miners by the top of 2019 and help a number of Bitcoin lightning purposes, which is actually very cool. Let’s dive contained in the Coinmine One and overview its efficiency in addition to mining profitability.

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  1. Why not just buy $800 of crypto… you can wait 4 years to break even or you can wait 4 years for your crypto to be worth potentially 50x more.

    It just makes no sense financially, regardless of how much money they have to blow, it doesn’t make it a remotely smart investment.

  2. Appreciate the honesty. This machine will not make you money if you have to pay for the electricity, even with the 6.5% monthly APR interest payment. Massive price appreciation is the only way to profitability.

  3. Watched this a long time ago, but wanted to comment after they introduced this new APR program.
    I'm wondering if you can unplug 1 exhaust fan and see how much the wattage drops by, or if you can modify the case with some holes to help cooling and eliminate 2 fans, I don't have one to test out, but if the price drops a bit more i'd consider it for tinkering.

    Also wondering if these OTA updates they've been pushing out have had any effect on the wattage, maybe we can get an update video??? 😉

    Thanks for another great video, and an honest opinion, doing it right!

  4. so what type of crypto mining rig could I get for say $200 bucks and setup in my man cave ? I'm in IT but I have not minded for crrypto & one of my co-workers turned off his rig because his P&E bill went up way to much.

  5. Well… you lost me comparing yeti coolers to 7-11 styrofoam coolers.
    I own a yeti cooler; I have had other coolers in my hunting days.
    A yeti cooler can keep a kill good up two weeks; or 14 days before it needs to hit a freezer.
    Yeah my igloo that was actually half the price of the yeti; can’t keep things colder then a few days.

    So now I don’t know if you know what your talking about…
    because you honestly compared; a new crypto mining machine to ice cooler technology that has been around a few hundred years….

    So like dude; I got some cannabis and some crystal meth to sell you; they like both get smoked, and they both make you feel good…

    So this coinmine one is like a expensive bad ass cooler that has stock but it’s organic cannabis priced; it also keeps my deer 67% colder then any other coolers that are smoking meth.

    But my crystal meth choice would be better because it’s cheaper???
    Gets confusing because yeti coolers are bad ass… sorry you don’t hunt and see a big importance in keeping a kill edible.

    So I guess I will just buy one; since, a yeti cooler is in disguise of a hip apple miner smoking cannabis.
    brah! I am

  6. So I should only buy one of these if I have FREE power?? IF you have to pay you will never ROI.. lol!! No free power here so I will pass! I just ran the numbers and you would be better off buying a BITCOIN Radiant Zero Contract with Genesis. 7.5 TH/s for 682 dollars, it's cheaper and you would make 1.23 per day.. NO heat and no electric worries

  7. Its really a space heater that tries to pay for itself but with the economics of solar. If you have the money to blow, go for it. I would never put LEDs in any of my mining rigs and I don't waste my time on rigs with less than 8 GPU otherwise you are just wasting money on all the parts that should be serving more than 1 GPU.

  8. If you lose money at 12 cents per KH, who could make money with this rig. You have to have more gpus to make it work. My single gpu computer if running full speed uses 250 to 270 watts as well.

  9. I would pay the cost of the components, and absolutely no more. This kind of rig is an interesting idea, but NO ONE should ever buy this particular product. Building a mining rig that actively loses money from day 1 (not to mention lying about that) then marketing it to people who don't really know what they're doing, that's not "a way to get more people into mining". It's called a scam.

  10. So on ethereum this thing gets 30 mhs . on their website it says it uses 160 watts. Electricity is fairly low where I live at .07 kw . I plugged these in to a calculator and it would use $98 a year in electricity with a profit of $4.73….a year… So if I bought one at $600 it would take only 126 years to break even lmao. This thing is fucking trash, just build a rig. At least on a self made rig you can break even in a couple years.

  11. I hope that cryptocurrency as it was meant to be as "decentralized" has a power for all people around the world to have a universal law in cryptospace that mining has to be for all people not only for giant company that manufactures processors like bitmain etc. Now BTC, ETH, LTC and a like are mined by big companies which seems now as centralized as they can only be mine by millionaires like genisis and few others, and some rich individual who can buy high end processors..I still consider this cryptocurrency as centralized till I don't see that almost half of the people around the world can mine cryptos using a regular cpus. I believe it can only be POSSIBLE if blockchain developers can create an ALGO that restrict companies to use thousands of processors or there can be a limit of maybe 10 per individual to be able to mine cryptos. Company that uses thousands of high end processors contributes difficulty for mining which discourage individual miners to jump to the wagon. just my two cents.. please respect.

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