Buy or Wait?

I do know persons are itching to purchase proper now, however listed below are some issues to perhaps take into consideration.

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  1. Small buyer, regular average income folks, when prices fall, loans dry up, cash investors will come in and buy up the best home deals. I tried to buy house during last crash….perfect credit, hard to finance, cash folks take the best houses….this is how it goes….

  2. The whole game is rigged, in general hurts society more than the Banks. Mike Hudson FIRE sector Will tell you all you need to know about the Finance= Banks, stock market + Insuranc with corporate accountants, their lawyers & judges & Real Estate. If thie RE Board with Banks aren´t change we can´t make global changes needed to make the planet liveable.

  3. I've been living in a one bedroom townhouse for almost a year now, it's been for sale the whole time, it hasn't sold. The owner isn't budging on price, they are living in a dream world, they need to drop their price. I think there are probably a lot of sellers holding out and not wanting to sell at a loss, but reality will catch up soon, I've been here a long time now, only two people even came to look at the property.

  4. How about move up buyers? Watched a video real estate agent saying good time prices are good for low end prices depressed for higher end. Sounds OK logic as my condo has gone up but houses have dropped in price in guelph, ontario. I agree for first time buyers. But move up Not so sure. Need another video on this topic.

  5. Since stress test, Toronto Condo market & anything under half million has gone up crazy in prices here , I know even older condos with like $ 800 per month Condo fees has gone like $ 150k in just 1 year time , Does it makes any sense ?

  6. I'm in Australia, and we are technically entering a recession now. And housing prices are falling albeit at different rates in different areas, but nevertheless falling overall. You are right in my opinion to suggest to wait, and "follow the trend" if people are thinking of buying. This sentiment, to wait, is similar to that of Mr Martin North in Australia who has a YouTube channel called "Walk The World." His succinct, timely, and sagely housing analysis attracts more and more followers each day. He crunches the raw data as the Principal of his business called "Digital Finance Analytics." There are few dissenting voices like his, and those members of the Banking, Finance, Real Estate, Mainstream Media and Political elitist classes do not like what he has to say, because among other things, it spoils their false narrative and endangers their ability to hold onto power, or increase their personal wealth exponentially at the expense of the rest of the population …

  7. I think people should wait.. depending on your job. Plus many stores are closing the door.. you never know if you are next to be layover.. everything is expensive;food, gas, everything..
    I'm waiting..

    Kongo for life…

  8. Prices I’ll always go up and down… right now a lot of places in the GTA are becoming a more balanced market that’s good for both buyers and sellers, personally I believe better to start paying down your own mortgage then a landlords as is there ever really a perfect time to buy, balanced is good as it doesn’t really favour buyer or seller more fair market value

  9. If you buy an affordable house you will survive the down turn. When mortgages fall rent shoots up. If you can wait it out it's fine. If you are spending over 40% of your money on an over priced house and 20% of that on a car you will suffer. Additionally, housing will fall in over bought markets due to china's crack down on outside investment. China uses US, Canada, and Australia housing as a ways of capital flight.

  10. The wait is difficult. Things are starting to get close to my strike zone. Houses have been falling here in Perth, Australia since 2014. I try to remind myself that things keep getting "better" for us first home buyers.

  11. Formafist. I had a nice comment conversation with one of our bros at the Steve Saretsky youtube channel. He is a man who has a pulse on the housing market. He stated that vancouver housing will never drop to levels where average vancouverites will be able to afford houses – that prices will never again fall to where average income workers can afford detached houses. DO you know what I mean? And do you agree with his assessment. If you have time, can you go to his latest video and review those comments please. I would be interested in your views.

  12. Not a time to buy but it's also not a good time to sell as well ;( Here in Toronto prices are falling and there are no buyers! Trying to sell my overpriced place, I'm a late millennial and I have a HELOC, recently unemployed.

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