Bullish on Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH worth as a result of provide & demand and central financial institution credit score easing

Bullish on Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH worth as a result of provide & demand and central financial institution credit score easing

Crypto not uncorrelated,
Fed stability sheet development
repo bailout accomplished with out debate.
can be positive first week of Oct if not already

crypto 1-10%, then 90% BTC and ETH
50/50 or extra BTC
remaning 10% for 1-2% on smaller tasks

Supply development shrinking
BTU fastened provide solely 21 million
quantity issued per block will get reduce in half each four years
satoshi does not exist
might 2020 halvening

Ethereum issuance just like BTC however arduous to clarify
Vitalik is chief, however folks assume centralization
lock up as collateral and POS

Bakkt – demand coming? must be listed
Fidelity turned on buying and selling.
gross sales folks say they’ve demand . ..
TD Ameritrade might activate
There are clients who will solely use their most popular rail
Ethan and others

new demand from use instances
incomes on locked belongings
pyramid is #1 app on Ethereum
improvement quickens as we get to degree 2.
BTC on Ethereum
Lightning community, 2-Three years. Slower however extra optimistic.

New Asset class
time period will increase demand

perceive cryptocurrency
approvals coming

Fractal repeating
BTC worth prediction

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  1. What are your thoughts on Blocknet? Recently tried their DEX solution, and I really like it a lot. Completely eliminates the risk of getting hacked on exchanges, and moving funds around at all. Peer to Peer trading is so cool, and I wish more people would dig into it.
    Blocknet is extremely undervalued right now, overlooked by the majority of people out there, but eventually DEX solution will get their fair share of the market.

  2. Never thought I would ever hear u say that the lighting network is 2-3 years away Dave. It was 2-3 years away 2-3 years back and 2-3 years before that!

    So, completely out of love with XLM?

    Also, if u haven’t seen it, check out the “the tulip bubble” in amazon video… I’m sure u already know about it, but it’s a good watch to keep in mind in our analysis!

  3. What is the CB agenda?And when it is met they will just let everything collapse?And how long can they continue to "print money"?Is this just to calm markets and is just an event on the repo markets?or is this a longer term problem?I'm referring to the large cash injection in the repo market event that occured.Whats your take on this?

  4. Fantom is a massively distributed, autonomous computer that anyone can use. A high-performance, DAG-based smart contract platform, Fantom allows for infinite scalability and compatibility with all types of blockchains.

  5. What's your take on gold silver and other precious metals as investments?And also is Warren Buffets highest cash position a good indicator of an incoming recession?Your thoughts?

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