BTC032: Bitcoin Mining & Entrepreneurship W/ Jason Williams

Preston Pysh talks to Bitcoin miner, entrepreneur, and influencer, Jason Williams. Jason offered his first firm FastMed for greater than $300M, and has created a Bitcoin mining firm that focuses on turning renewable vitality into hashing energy for the Bitcoin protocol.


– Jason Williams’ first firm that he offered for 300 million

– Jason Williams’ ideas about rising a enterprise to a nationwide degree

– Jason Williams’ ideas on management

– How Jason Williams began his Bitcoin mining enterprise

– How Jason Williams obtained concerned with Morgan Creek Capital

– Jason Williams’ ideas on Bitcoin mining and China

– China’s hash price migration to different domains

– Jason Williams’ ideas on El Salvador

– Jason Williams’ greatest recommendation to new Bitcoiners

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BTC032: Bitcoin Mining & Entrepreneurship W/ Jason Williams

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  1. Sometimes I stop listening to these podcasts. You have all this knowledge, and great investment opportunity, but trying to get fiat in Zim is like getting blood out of a stone. I won't give up though.

  2. Honestly even I knew it before that "Parabolic guy" in barstool resident's voice, sold a business and that he a doctor. I tell you it's hard to believe.

    He really painted a picture that Elon is dying to create. Elon wants to come out as a fun sanguine guy

  3. Preston I went down the rabbit hole.. And I am bitcoiner for a while initially as a libertarian and then as a hedge and then as a technology .. I was just thinking how Bitcoin value could fall. Have you got a opinion on this…. " Fed does a hard fork of bitcoin. Calls it Fedbitcoin. Mines it for 5 years so that they get hold of 50% of coins in their hands as reserve. Then announces to the world we have this new coin which has the same properties of Bitcoin. But we have a good chunk of it and the rest is for the world". Dont you think , the people who had never invested in Bitcoin will buy it since they realize its growth and value since, the number of bitcoin is capped and everything is similar to BTC !! Now it would be decentralized but Fed gives up half the share to the private/citizens for future FEDbitcoins to be mined.

    I think this theory has to be debunked right away so that new people don't use The NEW FEDbitcoin

    1) every 100 years, they could replace the coin once their reserve is depleted for whatever reason.

    Any new things we could think of to debunk this?

  4. Another GREAT Interview! Please have Jason back SOON. I agree that there needs to be a clear understanding of HOW to use the Bitcoin we are HODLING. Everyone says to NEVER spend your bitcoin but they don't explain a viable way to use it to earn interest with insane risk.

  5. Its hard to belive this crazy fucker is as smart and accomplished as he is but then again if I made it like he has I would be dressing like him and doing whatever the hell I want. Cheers to the parabolic guy.

  6. Nice content that you always offer. BTC its have a new bullish price as people raised their bids hoping to make a big profit from the surge but as we can all see now the market is very unstable, the truth is you keep getting more Profit from trading instead of just hovering and waiting for the price of BTC to skyrocket. Indeed, it is a difficult decision for old and new customers whose intentions are only to keep and sell, but rather to exploit the potential of the trade. I cried deeply and prayed after losing a lot last time. My uncle introduced me to an expert Mr Joseph Robinson, with whom I started trading since the end of last year, I covered it up and earned over 21 BT Π‘ even with 3 BTC with the ups and downs since the trip. With the advisor to Mr Joseph, I no longer have to worry about the rise and fall of Bitcoin. For a profitable trading guide you can easily reach him πŸ†ƒπŸ…΄πŸ…»πŸ…΄πŸ…ΆπŸ†πŸ…Ό (Josephrobinsoncrypto)

  7. Ive already told everyone i know to buy bitcoin multiple times. Im done talking about it. They won't and they will regret it.

  8. That was very interesting. I think people underestimate how big of a deal China closing down their Bitcoin industry is, and to the up side. You guys did touch on the fact that their closing down is pushing the Bitcoin rewards to other parts of the world, but with that increase in capital comes an increase in capitalization and investment. So it's sort of hyperseeding the growth of mining in other parts of the world. Which that up tick in mining in those areas, and increased investing, comes increased political entrenchment, as Bitcoin becomes a larger part of the economic base. So the action produces a situation where Bitcoin actually fortifies itself into its remaining localities, and in turn produces a symbiosis with those localities, aligning the locality's interest such that it wants to protect its Bitcoin symbiont. Bitcoin is seriously like a living organism in cyberspace dynamically reacting to evolutionary pressures.

  9. Oh god this Bitcoin BS is never gonna stop. I loved this channel when it was about sound advices about investing

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