BREAKING: Giant Banks SHILLING Bitcoin!! *With $318ok 2021 Goal*

“Don’t listen to what they say, but always look at what they do!” JPMorgan, the largest financial institution within the US, is praising Bitcoin and even created its personal coin: JPM coin. They are additionally organising a devoted crypto unit known as ‘Onyx’. Meanwhile, the fourth greatest US financial institution, Citibank, despatched out a casestudy to their prospects saying Bitcoin can attain $318Ok on the finish of 2021.

If this is not nice information, I do not know what’s. I’m curious to learn about your opinions, so let me know your ideas within the feedback!

Onyx by JPMorgan:

the Citibank TA: change (stand up to $50 bonus): card (get $25 bonus when ordering steel card):

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0:00 Intro

1:30 replace

4:47 JPMorgan

6:36 Citibank

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BREAKING: Giant Banks SHILLING Bitcoin!! *With $318ok 2021 Goal*

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  1. NOTE: The number of assets under management is x1000. This means that JPMorgan has $2.7 trillion (not billion, like I said in the vid) under management and Citibank $1.6 trillion. Massive.

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  3. Quinton, thanks. So far you are the only YouTuber that I listen to that has reported this schilling by the banks. Keep up the great work.

  4. Jamie dimon now schilling Bitcoin.
    Do not trust because he will pull the rug out from under you.
    The masses are running to bitcoin and then they are going to sell it and mass at peak like they always do.
    Here is the definition of shilling.

    Shilling is covert advertising under the pretense of attempting to get somebody to purchase an item to spread a buzz about that item by personally endorsing the item under the pretense of sincerity when in fact they're getting paid to sell that item.

  5. They are shilling Bitcoin to get you ready for the New World order which is XRP.
    Bitcoin is now mined in China which is over 51%.
    Big corporations are buying Bitcoin.
    Bitcoin is slow and expensive to use and has no use case.
    Store of value is a joke. This will not last.
    This is nowhere close to satoshi's original vision.
    The true people's Bitcoin is now DGB DIGIBYTE which is exactly in line with satoshi's original vision.
    1. Truly decentralized.
    2. 40 times faster than Bitcoin
    3. Five layers of security compared to bitcoins one.
    5. Time-tested, one of the oldest coins.
    6. All-time high 6 times greater than what it is now so more potential upside than Bitcoin.
    7. Grassroots community not like Bitcoin which is becoming corporate.
    8. Very cheap to send.
    9. Many use cases.
    10. Price is $0.02 which means you can get a hundred thousand DGB DIGIBYTE for the price of one Bitcoin.

  6. CDC upset people because they change policies and then only notify people after the fact, they did it with MCO swap, lowering interes, removing certain things you can get cash back on with the card. A pullback was needed but it would never have been this severe if CDC just learnt how to communicate with its customers rather than trying to put out the fire that they started themselves.

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