BLOODBATH!! Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Cryptocurrency Market Slammed – Daily Crypto News

Daily Cryptocurrency News LIVE! – Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Much More Crypto News (September 24th, 2019)

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  1. The bloodbath has actually been me struggling thru painting all my decks and railings for a week now, and all related facades. Speaking of facades, how y'all like all that BIG GOVERNMENT out there daily givin you your freedumz and such??? // Don't Stop the Bleeeedin! ((Foreigner riff insertion there))

  2. Omar, for the new people, you might want to pull up one or 2 of my old blog posts — some of my longest running Steemit series' — "Bitcoin is Bigger Than" — where once a week I was comparing BTC market cap to tons of well known real world companies publicly listed. It might give perspective and education to people, I honestly thought it was one of my best seeries' / ideas as such. Just type in @barrydutton Steemit and that series name to find lots of them. Even myself, I found it enlightening to research and do every week, honestly.

  3. When they put Bitcoin on the "futures contract" (like stocks, bonds, silver, gold) then Bitcoin is NO longer controlled by the miners and holdrs but by the futures market controllers. Who benefited?

  4. Dude, what are u talkin about? "Trump covering up for Mike Pence"? He supposedly wanted the Ukraine to to release what happened with " Joe Biden " strong arming the Ukraine into letting his son Hunter off while he, (Biden) was vice president. Well the Democrats didn't like that, & their cronies in the Fake news are covering up the real story. Crazy how they spin the propaganda! U gotta watch what u believe or report.. I know u don't really care about politics, but it still matters (a little).

  5. I have posted thouhts on hashrate drop on discord before drop: " Here is some fundamental analysis: As you may saw Bitcoin hashrate have droped 40%, it was at the highest point just yesterday. As we know dificulty adjust every 2 weeks based on hashrate. My thoughts are, miners manipulation: turn on all avaible equipment in order to create higher dificulty for next 2 weeks for other miners, go short, sell previously mined bitcoins, turn equipment off. Now other miner for next 2 weeks have the same expance, lower income in terms of bitcoins (dificulty is higher), lower income in $ (bitcoin price went down), and those who did this have gains from shorting + $ from selling bitcoins( can be used to coever electicity) and prosper time after 2 weeks becouse lower hashrate right now. I would like to know your thoughts on this. Could this be possible?

  6. I have always believed in KIN . I don't believe in KIK , KIK was a horrible messaging platform. Tried to use it a bunch of times, but it sucked. The KIN ecosystem is great. I use the KIN apps all the time. Love them. KIN just needs to keep building, partnering and marketing. ☺👍

  7. 00:12 BLOODBATH!! Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Cryptocurrency Market Slammed
    01:10 Memes of the Day!
    01:59 Market Cap Overview
    03:12 Trump Impeachment Threat Rattles Stocks
    05:42 Ethereum's 25% Gas Limit Increase
    07:22 Mayer Multiple
    10:26 Bitcoin Hash Rate Drop
    12:10 BlockFi $50 In Free Bitcoin ( https://blockfi.com/?ref=1ed0f176 ) – Referral Code: 1ed0f176
    13:51 On the Coming Recession
    16:46 Bitcoin ETF Ruling Delayed
    19:38 Kik Messenger App to Shut Down
    25:04 Quote of the Day: Erik Voorhees / Conclusion

  8. hey omar I used your referal link and also put in your referal code. Then I deposited some btc, but I didn’t get the 50$ Bonus. What did I miss, any idea?

  9. I'm just looking into crypto and know little but since you can't spend it at the grocery store, isn't it reliant on the dollar?
    What about security? Seems to me someone could break you with some key strokes. I get it for a hedge but just how much can you depend on the base?
    Sorry up front for the ignorance but I just began my lessons

  10. Hi my friends, Bitcoin is really influential. I know the Tokoin project. But with the current market situation, it is difficult for bitcoin. After the yesterday’s market correction most of the tokens launched via IEO have lost 20-40% of its value. Updated chart with current return on investment of the major IEO platforms and the tokens launched.

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