BitMEX Hates XRP, Coinbase Restrictions, Bermuda Crypto, Petro Scam & Privacy Ethereum

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BitMEX Hates XRP, Coinbase Restrictions, Bermuda Crypto, Petro Scam & Privacy Ethereum

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  1. Actually trading has not been easy for me.lost a lot of money through+500,FBS,also lost a lot of money to trading assistants and copy traders, almost gave up on Forex/ Bitcoin trading.but friend of mine introduced me to a good broker,at first i thought it was another way to waste my hard earned savings.but my greatest suprise was my investment of $3000 came out with $6580 in 10 days trading…You just have to be patient with them till your trades are be honest I didn't just recovered all my previous losses,l made much more than my past expenses. Actually he charges about 15% which won't affect you in any way since his trading efficiency comes in multiples of investment l personally recommend Expert Mrs Sandra trading services for best copy trading always trade with them and stop loosing your money .. reach out to them and Believe me a here's his contact details
    +1 (201) 765-8913
    WhatsApp….. They're reliable 💯

  2. @26:48 you reminded me of the Rick and Morty pickle Rick episode where they are in therapy, and Morty fumbles around at giving his "I" statement. No offense to your speech. Just how you were talking, pinged my memory. My friend's and I bring that part up all the time. I busted up.

    Dr. Wong: Good job.
    Morty, do you have an "I" statement?
    Morty: I am sad that I peed. I'm sad that I peed in class instead of a toilet.

    Thank you for your take on the crypto news and providing us with content everyday!

  3. People please download Zap Wallet then download Sparkswaps and stacks stats with instant settlement w/ no fees over lighting. The Zap wallet has neutrino so you don’t have to set up a node. There is truly no need to deal with exchanges or fees anymore.

  4. Last time I checked, you can use Bitstamp in the US as well. 'Ol faithful. Was my first exchange way back when and it's still kicking.

  5. Bitmex is a massive house of cards, it could collapse within a few hours. They had to list a legitimate real project with real use cases to keep the house up. Everyone knows Bitmex is basically 99% vacuum waiting to activate. It is no different from the current fiat system.

  6. Who ever wrote the Bermuda Article made a mistake..There are only 65,000 people in our country not 65 million. Also our Premier is very progressive, so you never know regarding what can happen. Always love your Episodes…. Bless Up!

  7. For us US customers you can use Binance US, Bittrex, Coinbase and you can buy BTC through Cash App. Cash App is the cheapest to buy BTC btw.

  8. in NY you can use
    ABRA app
    Cash app
    from what i know
    a good wallet are Exudos app /now has ADA as well also if you want too exchange coins vpn .
    hopefully he makes a vid on the on-ramps and wallets that can help with living aria as a bit of help

  9. Make sure you get up to level 3 verified. It takes time and then you get high limits. And learn the rules of where you cannot send your crypto to. Peoples accounts get closed for sending their own crypto to a gambling site.

  10. Hey TMI, what service do you use to buy your crypto? Sorry if this has already been answered and I wasn’t paying attention.

  11. I have never had a problem with coinbase!! I've always used it always have been able to withdraw thousands at a time…. Coinbase is safe,FDIC ensured..n it's the best place to buy crypto assets…. pple just dont know how to use the app with the requirements allowedfor your location!! At least hasnt been hacked 3 times like Binance!!

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