Bitcoins Road To $10Ok | Avoiding The Altcoin Circus


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Bitcoin hits 2 month excessive

Key resistance ranges between right here and $10,000

BitcoinSV is pumping and Craig Wrights trial is a circus

Coinmarket Cap historic snapshots from earlier bull markets



My article on the Crypto Diversification Trap

Bitcoins Road To $10Ok | Avoiding The Altcoin Circus

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  1. This Danny tanner moment is priceless. EVERYONE needs to hear that. There are so many shit coin bag holders. It’s hysterical. What’s even funnier is most of them can’t do math. When your shit coin drops 90% in order for it to get back to where it STARTED, it has to rally 900%. Re-read that very carefully 😂
    ₿ or GTFO 🔥😎🔥

  2. I learned a hard lesson thinking I'm a genius and investing in other irrelevant currencies. I learned my lesson though sold everything and put all my money back into BTC. Great episode. I'm so excited to see what the portfolio allocation from CNBC will be worth in 20 years.

  3. it is a wonder that Mr. Wright has not already found himself facing a contempt of court charge. I anticipate that if he keeps providing false documents he will meet this reality shortly. By now It is clear that Mr. Wright does not have access to the keys controlling the million + bitcoins. It is also clear that the court is not going to let him sleeze his way out without giving the Kleiman family some degree of their expected inheritance. Given the situation what better to do than to create a massive pump in BSV, FOMO In a bunch of suckers, dump the BSV and then offer those proceeds as a cash substitute to see if the Kleiman’s claims can be settled. I’m sure the court would like to clear their docket and so there will be significant pressure should that be offered.

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